Welcome home!

Ah! There you are, with perfect divine timing! The goddesses and I have been calling you; we’re expecting you in the temple.

Wonder why? It’s because…

  • You are creative, quirky, thoughtful, deeply spiritual and looking for meaning in your life and biz.
  • You’ve got a rebellious streak in your soul, and can’t stand being labelled or “in-the-box”.
  • Growing up, and at work, you’ve been told that you’re “too much this” or “not enough that”…  but to hell with them; you’re ready to stop conforming and love the real you.
  • You are driven to succeed and heal your money wounds… but not like “everyone” is doing it.  Certainly not like the models of patriarchy and empty capitalism.  You know your model for success has to be your own soul-driven, big-hearted way of doing things.  It must feel good down to your bones.
  • You know there’s a big mission inside of you, just wanting to be born, and you know the time is now.
  • You are an empath, a healer, a spiritual teacher, and you want to make your mark in this world with the highest integrity and confidence in your gifts.
  • You’re a freedom-seeker, a big-hearted lover of life, an Earth-guardian.
  • You enjoy wearing mala beads, diffusing essential oils, burning incense, or keeping a crystal in your pockets or purse.  You might also secretly enjoy dancing under the moon and skinny dipping.
  • You are so ready to infuse more magical energy in your life – at home, at work, in your biz, in your relationships… You already listen to podcasts during your lunch breaks, practice affirmations, read as much as you can on spiritual topics; you know about energy blocks in your life, your business, your money, your health. You’re now ready to apply your knowledge and manifest real change. You’re ready to get out of your head and BE your divinity — and stop just thinking about it.
  • You’ve had enough feeling like a robot — you want to savour life.  You want to thrive.  You want to feel safe to explore your edge and create the best, most luscious life you can ever imagine possible.
  • You have specific goals you wish to manifest, and the “traditional ways” have not worked well for you — this can be in the area of your wellbeing, your weight, your money flow, your business success, your loving relationships… There’s something you deeply desire and you might be afraid of it, not know *how* it could happen, and disillusioned about commonplace strategies that leave you feeling dull and empty.
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life experiences, and from now on create with conscious, deliberate intention.
  • You are ready to step into your greatness.
  • You want your life to be more fun, inspired, creative, joyful and grounded in practical spiritual experiences.
  • You’re ready to claim your inner goddess; stoke your inner fire; and shine!
  • You know that ancient wisdom is relevant in today’s world; and you’re ready to anchor this energy in your life & biz.


You have felt a pull, you have heard the call, you have magically found my website, your fingers and imagination have browsed you this far…

Now it’s time to enter the temple, consciously with an open heart and an open mind.

Are you ready for the possibilities?