5 side-effects of energy clearing – for empaths

When you think of energy clearing, you might think of sunshine, rainbows, feeling light and love… And while we do experience these wonderful feelings and visions during energy healings… some deep clearings can have less-than-pleasant side-effects, especially when you’re an empath / clairsentient.

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Of course, energy healing does not replace professional medical or psychiatric treatment. Always consult licensed professionals for all medical issues, and especially if these symptoms persist.

  1. Nausea: You might feel a sudden wave of nausea, and might be sick. This can happen during a session or ritual, and up to 48 hours after. You don’t have any other symptoms such as fever or infection … and you’re sure it’s not the flu.
  2. Diarrhea: A sudden unblocking of the lower chakra energies during a session or ritual, and up to 48 hours after. Again, you know it’s not the flu nor any food poisoning.
  3. Stabbing pain: This can feel like a sudden jabbing in your body, most often in the upper back and at times in the head. Often linked to the removal of psychic cords and daggers, and the transmutation of negative beliefs. Bring in the white light, breathe, and the pain subsides almost as quickly as it came.
  4. Jelly legs: You might feel spaced out, disconnected, and like your legs are made of jelly. Remember to breathe deeply and ground yourself!
  5. Shortness of breath: This often indicates that you are resisting the change or transmutation that is taking place. As much as you want the energy healing, a part of you is afraid. Remember why you’re choosing this healing, talk to that part of you that’s afraid, and remember to breathe deeply.