5 Steps for a Full Moon Ritual



I love the Full Moon.  I feel magnetized, softened and strengthened all at once.  Gazing at the Moon, I feel I can stand strong in my power.  I feel I can work more magic.

Full Moons have been the marker of rituals for thousands of years.  Whether we label ourselves as “spiritual” or not, most women can feel the pull of the Moon –  in their own monthly cycle or by becoming aware of the crazy kind of energy floating about.  Teachers notice that kids need to play out their active energy and imagination (which is a nice way to say they’re hard to handle in class!).  Nurses notice that patients are a bit more difficult.  Mothers, including mothers of fur-babies, notice that children and pets don’t have the deep sleep they *should* have (just last night, I had to get up twice to let my dog Maya out – she needed to sniff the grass and the air more often *sigh*).

Imagine for a moment that all that craziness floating in the air is magnetic energy.  It’s just floating around, with nowhere to go.  It’s affecting people and animals randomly.  It’s just part of Nature and Her workings?  Yes…  and…  What if you could harness this energy and direct it in your life, so you’re not a hapless “victim” of the tides?  What if this energy is looking for a job to do, and because we as a society have forgotten to harness it, it is doing just like the kids and the pets and acting out in mischief because it doesn’t know what to do?  What if you could believe in yourself and in your power, and YOU harnessed this Moon energy to create good and momentum in your life and projects?

Wouldn’t that be cool?

And yes, you can be this powerful woman. You can harness the magnetic energy of the Moon.  You can work with the energies available to you to create change in your life.  Are you ready to try?  Can you commit to spending a minimum of 30 minutes under the Full Moon this week?  Follow these guidelines and your intuition, and see what magic unfolds in your life!

5 Steps to Create a Full Moon Ritual

  1.  Set Your Intention:  You need to know with clarity what you want to create, manifest or experience!  Traditionally, the time of the Full Moon is a time of celebration, and release.  Use these questions to help you determine your intention:
    • What has been brought to fullness in your life?  Or – what do you wish to bring to fullness?  This can be pregnancy; success in a project or business; a heart filled to the brim with Love and Compassion; tuning up of psychic skills, etc.
    • What would you need to feel fulfilled?
    • What fear, hurt, resentment, control… are you ready to release to make space for fulfillment?
    • Which part of your “victim story” are you willing to shift and rewrite to feel empowered again?
  2. Gather Your Magical Tools:  I’m not talking eyes of newt and wings of bat here…  thankfully!!  (EWWW!)  Magic is much more practical, natural and easy!  You’ll need to circle back to Step 1, Your Intention.  Often times, our intentions are thoughts or feelings, or things not yet manifest – so we need to give it a form and a shape.  Use these questions as your guide — when you think of the fulfillment of your intention…
    • which colour comes to your awareness?
    • which texture can you sense?  (use these two questions to select an appropriate altar cloth and colour scheme for your altar)
    • which scent or perfume would best represent this Full Moon, this Goddess, this state of mind/emotion? (use this to select oils, incense, or scented candles)
    • are you looking for flow? (select soft, flowing fabrics; use a bowl of water; wear flowing clothes; play soft music)
    • are you looking for strength and vitality? (select iron/wood candle holders, live plants, lots of candles; play rockin’ music)
    • which magical or spiritual helpers would you call upon for help? (statues of angels, or fairies, or animal guides; representation of the Goddess; or representation of the Elements…)
    • have pen, paper, art supplies nearby
  3. Set up in a Magical Spot.  Outdoors with a direct, unobstructed view of the Moon is best… but if it’s raining or freezing — or if your neighbours are nosy and gossipy — you can certainly set up indoors.  If indoors, select a room where you can see the moon from your window, otherwise do part of the ritual in your “zen space”, and take time afterward to walk outdoors or stare at the moon from an other room.  Make sure you won’t be distracted during this time – so turn off the phone!  No need to insta-post anything; just focus on the moment and your connection with the Energy.  You’ll want a clean and tidy spot.  Remember that objects carry energy, and if you’re in a crowded or messy space, it will affect your energy work!
    • Choose a quiet spot where you can be zen and uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes (likely much longer!)
    • Tidy up – no mess!  Sweep or vacuum the space in a clockwise rotation. (it helps with creating an energy vortex)
    • Intend that this is now Sacred Space.  You are safe.
    • Set up your altar.  Use a small table, the top of a dresser, or set up directly on the Earth.  Make it look pretty.  Remember that this is a symbol of your energy work, so put the required effort into it!
  4. Call Upon The Moon.  Now is your time to connect with the Moon’s energy and work your mojo!
    • Sit quietly (or stand – follow your energy!) in front of your altar.  Centre yourself.  Focus on your breath…  Inhale to the count of 5…  Hold to the count of 5…  Exhale to the count of 5…  Hold…  you got this!  Do this breath at least 5 times, or as long as it takes you to feel focused, centred and connected.
    • Speak your opening prayer, stating your intention.  Don’t know what to say?  Don’t panic!  Let your heart find the words.  It might start something like this:  “Goddess of the Moon, You have been known by many names in many lands in many times. You are universal and constant. In the dark of night, You shine down upon me and bathe me in Your light and love. I ask You, O Divine One, to honour me by your presence.  Thank your for being with me as I work on (…  YOUR INTENTION… )  For my highest good, and the highest good of all.  With harm to none.  And so it is.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 
    • Feel the energy.  You might feel tingles; shivers; expansion; heat or cooling sensations…  it’s all good; it’s the energy merging with you.  Just breathe.
    • Follow up with energy work – do you feel moved to dance, sing, write or draw a picture?  Are you seeing imagery in your mind that shed light on the root cause of the block you are releasing?  Just be present, breathe, and allow what it is to unfold.
  5. Release Your Magic.  You’ve done great work!  Now is the time to let it go!  Trust that the energies that be are working on your behalf.  There’s no need to control, to doubt, or check in everyday to see how they’re doing — that would bring nervous energy to the process and it could skew your manifestation process.  Instead, focus your energy on becoming aware of what changes within you, and the results you’re noticing.  Give thanks.  Smile.  Sing.  Dance!  The Goddess is journeying with you!
    • State out loud that the ceremony is closed, and the Magic is released.
    • Tidy up your altar, and put everything away. Snuff out candles.
    • You might keep fresh flower and compost them later, or dry them for use in a posy or pouch you can carry with you as a reminder of your commitment and magical work.
    • Keep crystals under the Full Moon, then you can carry them in your pocket or keep them on a special altar where you meditate everyday to strengthen your intention.


I’m wrapping you up in Love and White Light, and I trust that the Goddess will work her Magic with you and through you!  Got questions?  Want to share your celebrations?  Leave me a comment!  I’d love to hear from you.