5 Things To Know About Money Energy

  1. Money energy is NEUTRAL – not good or bad; not blissful or evil. The judgments YOU HOLD about money impacts its vibration for you, in your life.
  2. Your feelings about money are rooted in your childhood and what you perceived, from a child’s perspective. Imagine back when you were 5 years old… how did your parents talk about money? What affirmations do you hear about rich/poor people? How do you feel about having/not having? How are these beliefs and experiences reflected in your adult life today?
  3. Money is a transformation agent. By receiving and giving money, you accept a transformation in your life and in someone else’s experience.
  4. When you say you want (x) amount of $ in your bank account… it’s not just about the number – right? It’s about the feelings it creates; the opportunities that become possible; and ultimately, freedom of choice and action. What else does money energy represent for you?
  5. You can block the flow of money energy through your limiting beliefs and feelings. Some of these come from choices made in past lives. Some come from social conditioning. Because these beliefs and feelings are yours – you have the power to change them. When you change them, you can open yourself to receiving more.


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