5 Tips To Manage Holiday Stress

My head is now filled with Christmas songs (so annoying at times!) and a long to-do list of deliciousness I want to cook and bake, on top of a list of DIY gifts I want to make, and cards still to be mailed to friends around the world.  And… I just realized that much of this has to be done THIS WEEK since there are only 2 weekends left before the big family get-together.

I am so grateful that we are settled in our new home – no renos; no moving this year…  That’s one stress factor off the list!

I am also grateful for all the tips and techniques I have tried & tested over the years to help me manage this time of increased stress.  Without these, I’d probably be curled up in a ball under a blanket, in a dark corner of my room, waiting for all of this to pass before venturing out in the world again…  Can you relate?

This has been a trying year for many.  So much has been falling apart.  So much polarities have flared up — in the me against you; us versus them; left or right mentality.  All this is good, and absolutely perfect in the big scheme of things.  We are after all at the tail end of a “1” year in terms of numerology, with an energy of renewal, redefinition, and starting over.   The number 1 is like a magic sword, cutting through and separating everything: thoughts, feelings, things we took for granted, values we had not questioned in a while…  Everything is cut in pieces, analyzed, compared and re-sorted.  The 1 can be ruthless.

To put it plainly, it was a make-or-break year… and lots of stuff broke apart.  The gift here is that we get to go deeper in what we truly value.  We get to see ourselves in comparison to others and redefine what is really best for the highest good.  We get to look at our reflection and what karma is shining back at us in the vibrational mirror of life. The good news is that we’re heading into a “2” year with the energy of balance, cooperation, and rebuilding through partnerships.  So hold on, breathe deeply, and start imagining what new reality you want to create for you, and for the collectivity.

So before you reach for that big blanket to hide from the world… implement a few of these tips and techniques.  They’ll help you coast through the season with more joy and grace.  Let me know how they’re working for you!

  1. Start your day with a morning practice.  And please keep it simple; spirituality does not mean complexity!  Take time to breathe deeply and smile as you wake up in the morning.  Take time to truly enjoy your cup of coffee or tea, savouring the flavour, the colour, the temperature…  Say a few affirmations of gratitude for the gift of the day ahead.
  2. Put a crystal in your pocket.  Crystals can have an entrainment effect – which means that their vibration (they do emit a measurable frequency) can have an effect on your own vibration.  They are also a good physical and touchable reminder of the intention you set in the morning.  Choose a crystal that makes you feel happy and balanced.  I am currently working with black tourmaline – not the happiest looking crystal: it almost looks like a lump of coal – and the fact that it looks like coal makes me laugh internally…  have I been this naughty and witchy this year?  When I hold it, I can feel a switch in my electromagnetic field, and I sleep much better at night!  You might prefer working with rose quartz (unconditional love), amethyst (purification of the environment), or hematite (grounding and protecting).
  3. Work with essential oils.  Scents affect our brain chemistry and have a direct impact on our emotions.  Instead of feeling frazzled, fearful and angry during family get-togethers… affirm how wonderful and strong you are as you anoint your temples, behind your ears, and your heart with an oil that will make you feel like the empowered priestess you truly are.  I love the doTerra “Cheer” blend with scents of citrus, clove and cinnamon: it’s very grounding, calming, and makes me smile!  (I can help you place an order of this wonderful oil – contact me!)
  4. Practice compassion.  Remember that no one is perfect, not even you, not even your mother.  One of the biggest stress factor in family reunions is when we expect others to behave a certain way — the way we want them to be, or act, or talk.  Even spiritual folks can get really judgy, and forget to accept others as they are.  Breathe deeply to relax the tightness in your chest and tummy.  Use doTerra “Forgive” blend to take away the edge.  Practice the EFT tapping for the Heart Chakra a few times before the family gathering.  Find ways to enjoy the gathering instead of building up a storm of stress.
  5. Finish your day with Yin Yoga.  Yin yoga goes deep in the connective tissues and brings more flexibility and pain relief to the lower back, hips, and legs.  Isn’t it interesting that those are areas where emotions such as anger, bitterness, lack of safety, and lack of security/money are stored… These emotions are often symptoms of tightened Root and Sacral chakra centres.  And these emotions are often the ones triggered around the holidays.  So before you go to bed, take time to be grateful for the day, and treat yourself to at least 30 minutes of Yin yoga; there are many episodes to choose from on YouTube.

I’d love to hear from you.

What triggers you around the holidays?  What stresses you the most?  In what situations are you most likely to stress out, or hide out under the blanket? Let me know; it will help me develop blogs, videos and other tools to help you.  You’re never alone in these experiences; what can help you can help others.  Visit my Facebook page and share your story.