A simple ceremony for the Winter Solstice

The energy has been feeling sticky or heavy for many of us these past few weeks.  I am reminded of the general feeling surrounding the “Gateway” everyone was talking about for December 2012, and I am sensing that all the changes, transformations and “tests” we’ve been through these past two years were just the beginning of a large transformational process.  I feel that this Solstice is just as important, in terms of Gateway or opening.  All the changes, choices and projects we’ve been working on since 2012 will find a renewed energy in the coming months; the tests of the last few weeks were to verify our commitment and willingness to keep moving forward on this soulful journey.

But to find renewed energy, we have to be willing to release the old.  A sacred fire ceremony on the Solstice will help you take stock of your fears and rethink your goals and purpose.  Focusing on the flame of a candle or bonfire and bringing in the Sacred Flame will help you burn away stagnant energy to bring the energy of renewal, faith and passion.

In 2012, we opened the door…  Take stock now to verify if you’ve made it through the opening, or if you still have one foot out stuck in the way things used to be.  Are you still holding on to something from the past?  It will be very difficult for you to move forward with that weight keeping you stuck in the same place…  Take time to recommit and rededicate yourself to serving the Light this weekend – if that is what you choose.

Shine on, Lightworker!  The world needs you.

Sending you much Love, and wrapping you up in Light; sending blessings of joy, fulfillment and abundance for 2015 and beyond.