About Altars

What you place on your ALTAR will energetically ALTER

What you place on your altar will energetically alter

An altar is a special table, bookcase, windowsill, or even the top of the dresser that you use as a point of focus for your energy work. On this surface you place objects which help you connect with the energy of your desire. Colours, figurines, photos, food offerings, plants, incense, candles… design your altar with your end goal in mind. Use objects, colours and scents that make you FEEL in the PRESENT the love and gratitude for that you wish manifested.

Once you design your altar, stay with it in meditation. Imagine anchoring Spirit energy in this 3D world, with your altar being like a portalway between Spirit world and our physical world.

Alter is the verb of transformation. Tend to your altar daily. Spend time in meditation and gratitude daily, focusing your energy, emotions and positive thought-energy toward your objective. And then you release all of it, like the smoke of your incense or the flame of your candle. Release it to Spirit and trust deeply within yourself that your situation will be altered.

Spelling might not be as important to Spirit as it is to me 😀 Your intention, energy and predisposition when working with energy is what’s most important.

I teach about altars, and many energy techniques, in my course “Intuition Development“. The next program will start in September. If you’re interested, let me know!