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I cannot imagine a life without magic and miracles.

To me, that’s the stuff of life. It’s the sacred, natural, life-force, creative energy. There’s a lot in magic and miracles that can’t be explained by logic, and yet I believe that it’s not all that voodoo mumbo-jumbo woo-woo as-seen-on-TV evangelist stuff. Magic and miracles can be as simple as a breath, as beautiful as a smile, or as moving as a song.

Working with magic and miracles is a way of life, deeply seated in gratitude, awe and wonder. It’s working with the energy of gratitude and wonder to create even more wonderful experiences. It’s about living life in reverence to the power of Creation. It’s about developing the courage to consciously participate in co-creation, with an open mind and an open heart.

I had a simpler definition of this life choice when I was a child. I gobbled up books and fairytales. I read encyclopedias (ah, the years before Google!) on everything spiritual, religious, and those which explained why we humans act and react the way we do. I had a rock collection – plain, side-of-the-road rocks and pebbles that spoke to me with their beauty and sparkle. I admired sunrises and sunsets. I examined the path of insects. My favourite classes were dance, art, history and literature. I was a pretty good ballerina!

Then came the shut-down. The dark night of the soul. The decision I made in my early twenties that I had to get married, get a real job, get a house, be a real grown-up. I worked so hard spinning my wheels in the corporate world that I forgot about my special connection with all that is sacred. My focus became climbing that corporate ladder. All that “real grown-up” activity gave me a real grown-up depression too.

That was a big life lesson: when your soul isn’t in what you do, life becomes a mess. No matter how hard you work, you will not find happiness.

Living as a zombie was not for me. Waiting another 15 years before I could retire was not fathomable. I could not wait, push back, or delay my life any longer. I quit. I left behind my big salary, the benefits, the pension plan. I lived with people’s comments thinking I was crazy to abandon such things to start my business. I experienced their judgment.

However, I knew that self-judgment, for not being soulfully aligned, was much worse than any outer criticism. I realized that life without magic, awe, and deep gratitude felt empty.

I lived through my dark night of the soul. I learned what was important to me as I created my life experience. I found many wonderful tools along the way, such as Reiki, the Akashic Records, Tarot, and shamanic practices. All of these tools were like a “remembering” rather than new knowledge. It was my soul reawakening to its potential, to its mission, to its joy.

I now help other women emerge from their own dark night of confusion and sadness. I empower them to use their soul gifts to live their magical life. I teach them how to harness the energy of simple practices and tools to create the life and career their heart desires. I guide them through their own reawakening.

In that sense, I am a Priestess. I am a channel of awakening. I am the bridge between what was, what is, and what is possible to be.

What do you dream possible for you? How ready are you to bridge the gap between your current life and your dream?

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A few of my certifications

My interest in all things spiritual started when I was very young! As a child could find curled up reading on ancient civilizations and their religions, or sneaking in the paranormal section of the library. I started my Reiki journey around 2005 and I keep adding to my knowledge and energy work services every year!



I have studied both Usui Reiki and Holographic Reiki.  I have journeyed to the Master Teacher level.


Certified Advanced Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader

I studied with Denise Linn and loved this soulful Oracle/Tarot reading program.


Certified Angel Card Reader

I studied with Doreen Virtue and became certified as an Angel Card Reader.


Dying Consciously

A shamanic training from The Four Winds Society.  I learned the practice of this greatest rite of passage, from this world to the next.


Soul Realignment® Practitioner

I learned to read the Akashic Records to clear the soul’s blocks and patterns keeping a person stuck in negative life experiences.

Certified Crystal Healer

Crystals are not only gorgeous; they can help the human body vibrate to specific frequencies that uphold health, wellbeing, and abundance – to name a few.