I’m so happy you’ll be working with me to activate your Keys, and unlock your soul’s wisdom!

As a reminder, here’s an outline of the work we’ll do together:


  1. Your Soul Profile: Before we meet, I’ll need your birth information to prepare your report.  I’ll share with you the greatest qualities and vibrations of your soul.  You’ll know how your soul is meant to experience itself.
  2. Your Soul Realignment Process:  I’ll share with you the vows, contracts and other blocks present in your Akashic Records that are ready to be released, so you can experience your true self.  I’ll give you your customized 21-day process of transformation.
  3. A Reiki session: By this time, you’ll likely need additional energy to integrate the energetic changes, clear old energies, and cut karmic ties.
  4. Your next right action:  We discuss how you can continue integrated soulful changes in your life.  We further clarify your direction, and an Oracle Card or Tarot reading is often done at this time to validate Spirit’s messages for you.

This Program’s value is $598.  But because you’ve been reading my emails, and because I really want to help you activate your 3 Keys, because I really want you to feel empowered in being the real YOU, I am offering you this Program for an investment of only $450 (or 2 payments of $225).  Click on the buttons below to select your payment option.  Once your payment is processed, you will be redirected to an other page where you can book your first session with me!

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Talk to you soon!  I am surrounding you in Love and Light!


To your best self,