Aligning Brain, Body, and Spirituality

Conversations With Jaz

In this conversation, my special guest Lorraine and I talk about several myths and misconceptions linking food and spirituality. Lorraine provides several tips to bring together mindful eating and spirituality to support overall wellbeing.

Guest speaker: Lorraine Driscoll, Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Lorraine is a registered holistic nutritionist. She works to empower women and their children to thrive together by reconnecting them to their optimum brain & body health through therapeutic nutrition, neural re-training and lifestyle re-alignment so they move beyond surviving and right on into THRIVING.

Key points made in this conversation:

  • Thinking that you have to be vegetarian to be spiritual is actually an ego block;
  • Food is a teacher
  • Your body is your biggest antenna, a guidance system which lets you know whether or not you’re on the “right path” for you.
  • Be wary of the gluten-free hype… it’s not always healthier
  • Sugar and carbs contribute to auto-immune disorders
  • There is a strong relationship between your gut’s health, and your mental wellbeing. Your gut is your “second brain”.
  • Doshas (from Ayurvedic medicine) can guide your healthy eating and lifestyle habits
  • Why empaths don’t do so well as vegans
  • Honour the wisdom of your body