Animal Totem Meditation

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This meditation will help you establish a stronger communication with your higher guidance system. You will be meeting with a spiritual guide working with the Animal Kingdom. This guide will help you:

  • develop and strengthen your ability to communicate with animals;
  • receive clear guidance from your instincts;
  • enhance your knowledge and abilities as a healer;
  • hone your telepathic and psychic abilities.

As you journey with this guided meditation, remember to observe your thoughts. I will be asking you a few simple questions as we go along; remember to take the first answer that comes to your mind. There are no wrong answers. The answers might seem silly or unusual, but just accept them and as they are… they may make more sense later on… What is important in this journey is to feel the answers, and to allow them to enter your consciousness. It’s not about making sense of things or figuring out everything you will see or hear or feel… leave that for later, in your journal…

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Working with Animal Totems / Animal Spirit Guides

Animals – domestic companions and wild visitors – are messengers. They connect us to the language of oracles, signs and omens. Animals can teach us various life lessons, and many have a soul contract with their human companion. One of their main purposes is to help us grow in love and compassion. Also, when we become aware of their communication with the natural world, it helps us learn about how we can better communicate with Spirit. Our pets are often the starting point for a conscious dialogue with Spirit. Love and Trust are direct links to Spirit – and it’s sometimes easier to experience these from an animal than from our ego-selves.

Animals are connected to Nature and their instincts. They don’t judge or hold resentment. They live for today, in the moment. They remain aware of natural cycles and the energy surrounding them. In that sense, animal totems help us balance our Root Chakra. It is from this chakra that we connect with our instincts. In our modern culture we often spend too much time in the city … stuck in traffic jams … meeting constant deadlines … we’re often not spending enough time in nature. All of this weakens our connection to our instincts. When we lose touch with our own instincts, we feel unsafe, unstable, and out of rhythm with life. We stop trusting ourselves, and we stop trusting in life. When we learn to reconnect with our instincts, our life can flow with more ease and joy.

Animals are authentic – they don’t pretend to be any other animal, or to be anything else than themselves. In this sense, they can mentor us on our path to authentic self-expression. They will call you on your “B.S.” and will help you break away from ego perspectives, judgements and mirrors.

Working with Animal Totems, we are invited to reconnect with our own instincts, and with the grounding and nurturing energy of this Earth. We are invited to experience life with all of our senses – hearing, seeing, smell, touch, taste. We are invited to look into that part of us that is raw, untamed, wild.

Animal Totems also bring us specific perspectives. An eagle, for instance, might remind you to see the higher perspective of a life situation, while an ant might want you to look at details and how you can serve the community. There are many books and online resources giving possible definitions of animal totems – but remember that no definition is better than your own, than the feeling or insight you get from that gut feeling, from your instincts and your intuition.