Are you an Indigo or Crystal soul?

Conversation With Jaz series

Guest speaker: Cornelia Ward, Author, Career & Business Coach

In this conversation, my special guest Cornelia (Connie) and I talk about what it means to be a Lightworker, an Indigo or Crystal soul in today’s world. We offer self-care tips to help navigate the ups-and-downs of spiritual awakening.

Cornelia is an intuitive career and business coach who teaches from her own life experience. She guides her clients through their personal and professional transformations. Her book, “Go Forward Fearlessly: A Spiritual Roadmap For How To Be Happy, Stress-Free And Confident Despite Massive Change” is available on Amazon and through her website, In this book, she provides self-care tips and spiritual practices to help the energy-sensitive person stay calm and grounded amidst life changes.

Key points made in this conversation:

  • 80% of people go to jobs they don’t like
  • There is a big calling now for Lightworkers to awaken and find concrete ways to share their gifts.
  • The challenge is to be spiritually present in everyday life. To be spiritual and awakened does not necessarily equal to quitting your day job to meditate all day! Being spiritual is not a “job”; it’s a calling, and a way of being. It’s about your presence.
  • Why many “Indigo” crash and burn at work and experience depression – and what to do to overcome this experience.
  • Remember to reach out – you don’t have to struggle or suffer alone, and you’re certainly not the only sensitive soul out there!
  • Why the concept of “social capital” is increasing in importance, and why it’s important to integrate this concept in heart-centred businesses.
  • We define Lightworker, Indigo and Crystal, and their specific missions.
  • Top tips for self-care when you are sensitive to energy.
  • Archangel Michael is present and ready to help Lightworkers to dispel fears about life purpose.
  • Oracle Cards are a great tool to understand energy and the life shifts that are required.
  • Magic is about the willingness to play with life.

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