Asking powerful questions for intuitive insights – Rule #1

We’ve all been there. Thinking of changing jobs. Totally frustrated with our love life. Heartbroken. Confused. Directionless. So so deeply wanting to be comforted and being told that we’re on the right path, doing the right thing, taking the right decision.

We want our spirit guides, the angels, God and Goddess to tell us what to do next. We promise to do as they say… could they just not give a clear to-do list? We don’t take action because we are waiting for Spirit or Universe or “them” to give us permission.

So many students and clients tell me how frustrated they are that their pendulum, Oracle Card, or crystal “doesn’t work” and gives them confusing answers. Or they tell me that a psychic once told them that they should do this or that, and that it didn’t work. They ask questions like these:

… Should I take this class? Should I stay in this relationship? Should I apply for this job? Am I supposed to go on this trip? Will I find love one day? Can I afford this?…

These questions break so many rules!

Here’s what I learned: no one — NO ONE — holds your map of destiny except for YOU.

This means that you get to choose what you want to experience, and then work with Spirit to figure out the how. Here’s the deal: when you ask questions with, “Should I”; “Am I supposed to”; “Can I” or “Will I”… what is happening at soul level is that you are abdicating your authority over your life! You are asking someone else, or an oracle tool, to choose or decide for you. You are breaking rule #1 of Intuitive Readings:

Rule #1: I am the Queen of my life experience

So then, as the Queen — or Goddess, King, CEO — of your life experience, what questions could you ask that would be more powerful and insightful? Try this exercise.

Taking back your power exercise

  1. Light a candle, play soft music, burn incense… do what you need to do to feel zen.
  2. Brainstorm on what it would be like to truly be the Queen of your life. How would you feel? What would a perfect day look like? Who would be surrounding you? What would be the state of your finances? How would your home or work environment be like? Describe in as much detail as possible.
  3. List at least five (5) possible ACTIONS you could take THIS WEEK to bring yourself to this state of awareness and being-ness.
  4. Take your favourite Oracle tool (pendulum or muscle testing would work best). Breathe and centre yourself, then ask the following questions:
  • Given that it is my intention to experience myself as the Queen of my life experience…
  • Is [name or number of the listed action] in alignment with manifesting my intention this week?
  • Is any of these actions more aligned to manifesting my intention than the others? Which one? Is it [Action name of number]?
  • Do I give myself permission, at a soul level, to proceed with this chosen action?
  • Do I feel safe, at a soul level, to proceed with this chosen action?

Follow up with your personal reading, and TAKE ACTION!
I’ll write about Rule #2, dealing with clarity of intention, in my next article. Until then, I am surrounding you in White Light and Divine Love.