Be your own snowflake today!

At times, it’s easy to believe that to “fit in”, we need to fit in the cookie-cutter mold and all be vanilla.  Nothing wrong with vanilla, but I like it better with a twist.  (I’m thinking lemon-citrus twist today.  With a martini??)  😉

I am a bit quirky, and I think out of the box.  For too many years I’ve tried to quiet that side of me so I could fit in.  It still didn’t work, because I was not being ME, and I was getting more and more frustrated, anxious, and unhappy.  Many of my clients have that same feeling, too — and I love to teach them to be fully themselves, without guilt or apology. 

If we were all snowflakes, we all have our unique design.

All our souls have their own unique blueprint and manifestation process.

When we work with our strengths, then we open up the field of magical possibilities in our life.  And we can inspire others.  And our life becomes more joyfully abundant.  And our kids are happier because they have happier moms.

Be your own snowflake today.  (Spring has quite the snowstorm for us in this region today!). 

Can you share something that’s unique about you?  What do you love?  What quickens your heart?  What dream is in your heart?

I love classic music, and early jazz like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  I studied and practiced ballet, ballet jazz, and folk dancing all my childhood, stopping only when I started University. I can get lost in ancient history and mythology –  my first big research was on Ancient Egypt when I was in grade 7!  I love to cook, and I can make awesome sauce.  🙂  (teehee…)  I love words, and how they’re used.  I’m an intellectual-spiritual.  I enjoy a healthy side of glitter.

Your turn!  What are little-known facts about you that you’re ready to share?

Extra OHM-work for business women…  how can you add more of your uniqueness in your bio, your website, your business card? 

PS: Want to learn more about your soul’s unique blueprint? Book an appointment – either just to chat, or to book a reading in your Akashic Records.  You will learn how you’re designed, how you best manifest, and what karma is in the way of you being your best self.  Trust me: it’s very healing and can transform the rest of your life!!