Better relationships through the Akashic Records

I opened my email this morning to some client love… who is falling in love with her husband in a whole new way after her Akashic Reading. <3 heart melting <3

You see, in the Akashic Records, you get to know who you are at soul level – what you need to experience for your soul to feel fulfilled and happy. Then you learn how you actually show up in life, which is often quite different than our optimal state. If you experience pain, lack, financial frustrations, blah relationships… you’re not working out of your best self.

When you book a “relationship reading” you also get to know who the other person is, what make him/her tick, what he/she needs to feel fulfilled. That way, you can learn how to BE with this person. You can show up as your authentic self, and you make space for the other person to show up authentically, too. You can both support and nurture each other’s best self.

When things go “wrong” in a relationship, we tend to blame the other. And when we do that, we close up our hearts and our minds. We put up walls because we’re afraid of the hurt. But the truth is that it is those walls that end up hurting everyone the most! The Akashic Records show up where we can bridges of mutual understanding. They can teach you how to take responsibility for your own thoughts, actions, and role in the relationship. When you clear old patterns and beliefs, when you release old pains, when you shift, when you understand your karma… you make space for something better. You gain spiritual maturity.

Relationship readings are not only for romantic relationships.

Imagine if you knew how to support and nurture your children (ever wished you had an owner’s manual for your child? This is pretty close!!).


Imagine if you could understand your relationship with your parents. What healing would be possible by knowing how your life lessons have woven together, and the tools your parents had (or did not have) to support your unique blueprint? Healing generational karma can bring such inner peace to a whole family line!


Imagine if you knew how to lead your team by tapping into everyone’s highest potential and talents. What would be possible then?


Imagine if you knew how to best approach a business venture, a partnership, a school fundraiser… by knowing what strengths and innate talent everyone is bringing to the table. What amazing results could joyfully flow from such partnerships?

This is what my clients are saying:
)0( This reading opened my eyes. I now know how I can work on pulling down my walls to ask for help and support.

)0( Now that I know that my partner needs to be shown love and support, and be told directly how to support me, I can change the way I communicate with him.

)0( Now that I’ve released karma from past relationships, I feel ready to move forward to find a relationship that will truly nurture my soul instead of making all the same bad choices all over again.

)0( When I met (this person), I felt that we had known each other before, in an other life. You’ve confirmed that feeling in my Reading. Now that I know the type of experiences we shared together before, our current relationship and attraction makes so much more sense!

I love facilitating these experiences for my clients. I love seeing them develop their confidence, inner peace, and mojo!

What would be possible for you with better knowledge about your relationships? …at home, at work, in your biz, with your friends?…

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