Candle Spell, Full Moon in Aries

How are you feeling on this Full Moon? If you are feeling angry, discontent, burning the candle at both ends… Remember: this is a Full Moon in Aries, a fire sign – and a sign of the strong-willed and strong-headed. The key message to remember today is that life is not a race. Some wishes and intentions take time to gestate and grow – you can’t drive up to Spirit’s take-out window and ask for your wish to be biggie-sized and receive it 5 minutes… Of course, on the higher energetic frequencies things happen instantly; it’s just that it often takes a while longer to manifest in the physical form.

Tonight, I invite you to take time to soak in the Full Moon. She looks so lovely and bright in the midnight sky! Simply breathe. Stand in her light with your arms in a receiving position. Focus on your heart beat. Deepen your breath and slow down your heart beat. Find your centre. Feel the smile growing on your face and in your heart once you slow down and connect within.

From this place of peace and serenity, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you really desire?
  • Does this desire come from YOU, your soul… or the “shoulds” of your environment?
  • What do you need to release for this to manifest?
  • How can you make space for what you really want?
  • Are you really, truly 100% ready to release the old and welcome in the new?
  • What must change within yourself and your environment once you release what no longer serves you?
  • What choices and actions are available to you now? (not in 2 years; not last year… your NOW-time choices)

Journal the answers that spontaneously come to your mind; don’t judge or sensor yourself. Write or talk from your heart.

Now, to bring this experience from the mental, emotional and spiritual realms to the physical, here is a special candle process you can use to support your releasing process.


You will need:

  • A black votive candle, or a plain white votive candle with black food colouring on top
  • Matches or lighter
  • A toothpick
  • Essential oils such as star anise, frankincense, and orange… what smells like a joyful, easeful release to you?



  • Take the candle in your hands. Focus on the fire of your desire, and/or the “burning need” you have to release what no longer serves you.
  • Taking the toothpick, make little holes in the wax; each hole representing something you want to burn away from your life. This can be a belief, an old pattern, a hurtful emotion or thought pattern… Speak them outloud as you poke your candle.
  • Breathe that in, and feel the energy building within your hands as the candle becomes the physical representation of what you are releasing.
  • Place 3 drops of essential oil on the candle: one for Spirit, one for Goddess, and one for your Higher Self. This blesses the process.
  • Place the candle in a safe holder. Gaze at the moon. Speak your heart: what you are releasing; what you are attracting; and what you ready to do to manifest your desires.
  • Light the candle. Meditate for a few moments. Feel gratitude for your process and all the divine help you are receiving.
  • Allow the candle to burn up.

I am wishing you a wonderful full moon ceremony. I am surrounding you with the Love and Light of the Goddess, and seeing you stand in strength and confidence.

Much Love,