Coaching Through Persephone Journeys

Conversation With Jaz series
Guest speaker: Erin Lanahan, Spiritual Coach, Yoga Teacher

In this conversation, my special guest Erin and I talk about the world of spiritual coaching, and what it means for both clients and coaches. Spiritual awakening isn’t all about the rainbows… it’s also about the storms we weather. Being aware of both our light and shadows empowers our soul’s journey.

Erin is a spiritual life coach, a writer, a yoga teacher, a peace warrior, a love soldier, and one heck of an optimist! She is dedicated and devoted to being a contribution on this planet, and to helping you activate your radical, magical self.

Key points made in this conversation:

  • Goddess Persephone is an archetype to help us weather the storms of our lives, and come out of our darkness and shame as stronger women. Spiritual coaches become “Persephones” when they can give you the tools so you can navigate your dark hours.
  • It’s important to realize that we are not just one emotion… we can experience several layers of emotions, all at once. We can experience both shadows and light.
  • Tweetable: What’s in the way, is the way.
  • Concept of the “dark night of the soul”
  • When the Law of Attraction doesn’t work – and why
  • Why it’s important to have a long-term relationship with a life coach or spiritual mentor; and to be committed to your own inner work and transformation.
  • Knowing yourself and your manifestation design is crucial to finding the right tools for you.
  • Remember to celebrate your successes! Your life coach or spiritual mentor can help you anchor the energy of your successes into your body and reality.
  • Concept of egoic resistance, and why we get in our way.
  • Energy work and transformation is something to be EXPERIENCED – it’s hard to know at the beginning of the journey what the ultimate outcome will be.
  • The importance to move from your head-space to your heart-space, and how yoga and mediation can help you achieve this state of being.
  • Honour the wisdom of your body.
  • Once you can align to your core values, and you have the tools to navigate all challenges and celebrations of your life… you can make conscious choices in how you LIVE your life.