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It’s best to book an appointment to speak with me, or to send me an email.  I’m often with clients, in meditation, or doing other magical work which require focus so I don’t answer the phone very often.  In fact, my phone is often at the bottom of my big mommy-purse.  I love connecting soul-to-soul and that’s best achieved when I’m not frazzled from all the pings of social media and phone rings, right? Take the time to centre yourself, and fill in the questionnaire form included with the appointment booking.  This will give me a general feeling for your healing intentions and manifestation goals.  I’ll be better able to tune in to the energy of what will best serve you at this time.

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Hours of Operation:

On appointment only.  The earliest available appointment is at 10:30 AM (Eastern), while the latest available appointment is at 7PM (Eastern).

I don’t do last minute or emergency appointments.  I don’t do drop-ins.  I need to be energetically ready for our session, which often includes investigative work in your Akashic Records.

My schedule is available online; view it HERE.


Ways to keep in touch:

Facebook:  Find me at JazMysticPriestess.  This is the most interactive place to be.  I post almost daily about the energy forecast, wisdom from my meditations, some inspiring quotes and other tidbits happening in my life and business.  You will find videos, interviews, and lots of information to browse through.

Instagram:  @jazmysticpriestess

Twitter: @JazMysticSchool

Email: I send approximately 2 emails a month.  In each email, I share information on sun feasts, moon rituals, spiritual development, energy shifts, chakra work…  and so many topics pertaining to Reiki, the Akashic Records, and spiritual wellbeing.  You will also find a list of upcoming classes and events and a few updates about what’s new in my life.

I typically respond to all messages in 24-48 hours, during my business hours.  I try to be offline on weekends, holidays, and my birthday. 🙂

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