Conversation With Leah Nash: The 5 Elements

I’m so thrilled to start something new that I’m sure you’ll love: Conversations With Jaz.  I intend to interview colleagues in the Spiritual Coaching field to bring you great information and insights that will help you tap into your own wisdom.

In this conversation, I talk with Leah Nash about the Chinese 5 Elements.

We are all born with a unique Elemental profile.  Some of us have more Fire, or Water, or Metal…   The way each Element interacts with each other influences the flow of our life.  When we can recognize the strengths and shortcomings of what comes naturally for us, then life can become easier and more joyful.  It doesn’t mean we won’t have challenges; we can learn to anticipate, respond and cope with each challenge in a way that is more nurturing and supportive.

In our hour together, Leah provides a wide brushstroke of the 5 Elements.  Have a listen, and let me know if you recognize yourself in any of them.