Daily Rituals For Relaxation & Better Sleep

Happy Summer Solstice!  I’m so happy, on so many levels, that the sun is shining so brightly.  I’m so happy for this warmth, for this call for growth, for this call to take aligned action.

Can you feel this in your life, too?  That something has shifted within you in the past year and you’re now ready to emerge into a new version of yourself?

The new moon this month was in Gemini, and this week the sun’s solstice energy is being an activator.  This means your mind can be working a gazillion miles an hour with so many chatty ideas that might not feel related to each other.  This means that you might not have slept very well in the past few days — or weeks.  This means that you might feel more anxious, or stressed, or even confused with all those ideas coming in, not knowing which direction to go.  This might feel very frustrating.  Right?

As a spiritual seeker and healer, it’s important to be aware of these energy shifts so you can ride the wave of energy instead of feeling stuck in it.  When you’re aware, you can shift your plans, and create simple daily rituals that will nurture and support you.

Here are my daily rituals; try one or try them all, and let me know what works best for you!

  • Choose to take it slow.  This is a very difficult one for me.  It feels like there’s so much to do in life and biz, and I want it all done NOW!  I see the big picture, and I want to be there NOW!  Many of my clients are like this too – are you?  We need to remind ourselves to take it one step at a time, one breath at a time.  We need to choose to go against the grain of this western philosophy that we must be useful and productive and scheduled every second of every day.  We need to remind ourselves that we are a human BEING and not a human DOING.  So how do I choose to take it slow?  I actually schedule time to meditate.  If it’s in my schedule, it’s more likely to get done!  I take my morning coffee outdoors before turning on the computer. I give myself crystal healing sessions. I am choosing to push back the insane delivery dates I had set for projects.   I calm down the workoholic in me by having smaller, achievable goals.  I remind myself everyday that life is not a race, and that enjoying the journey is very important too.
  • Yin Yoga before bed. This is a must, or else I don’t sleep very well.  There are so many nerve plexus in the legs and feet, and stretching them releases tension and nervous energy.  Choose to take 30 minutes before bed without any electronics, then roll out your yoga mat (or be comfy in bed).  You want to hold each pose for about 5 minutes.  Try forward bends with legs stretched straight or sitting with the soles of your feet together.  Remember to breathe deeply.  In the last 5 minutes, lie on your back and bring your legs up in the air (support them on a wall if you want to).
  • Massage your feet.  5 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes at night before bed can have a huge impact on your wellbeing!  I use fractionated coconut oil with doTERRA Balance in the morning to feel grounded and centred; and Serenity or Lavender at night time to relax.  Pure bliss!  (You can purchase doTERRA oils through my link HERE).
  • Have a crystal buddy.  Crystals have many wonderful properties that can enhance our wellbeing.  For purifying and calming, I recommend selenite and lepidolite.  I noticed that when I place a lepidolite on my clients’ forehead, and a piece of selenite by each temple in crystal healing sessions, my clients fall asleep in about 5 minutes.  They wake up from the session so refreshed!  Try this at home, or simply tuck a polished selenite in your pillow case to help that chatty mind calm down.

Easy peasy?  Look below for other ways that I may support you in creating your successful, emotionally fulfilling & inspired life & biz.

Much Love,