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I’m happy to gift you my Chakra Journey Guided Meditation

In this meditation, I take you on a journey through crystalline light to clear and reenergize your chakras.  Before you start this journey, remember to get yourself really cozy – this might be soft clothes, a warm blanket, and comfy chair or pillow.  It’s important that you feel comfortable for the duration of the meditation, which is about 1 hour.  Also, remember to have a glass of water nearby to stay hydrated: water conducts energy, and the clearing process goes much smoother when you’re well hydrated!

This meditation was part of a 3-class workshop on Intuition Development (see the Goddess Pathways Training).  It was originally recorded in February 2015.  I teach about:

  • The importance of knowing yourself
  • My personal story of spiritual awakening
  • The 4 layers of the aura and how they colour your perceptions and experience of the world
  • A deep meditation and journey through your chakra centres

Please click on the image below to begin listening.

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Wrapping you up in White Light and sending Reiki Blessings your way!