Do you know your Spirit Animal Guide?


A common feeling my clients have before they start working with me, is the feeling of being alone. They tell me how difficult it is to feel supported – let alone heard and validated – in their family, circle of friends, or business relationships.

But the truth is: you are never truly alone. You have spirit guides around you all the time.

This is your team or spiritual teachers and cheerleaders, and they love you so much! You have simply forgotten how to connect with them. And that’s good news – because you can learn to connect with them once more!

When I meet with clients for the first time, their team of Spirit Guides is typically having a party in the background, celebrating the fact that my client is ready to open up to receiving help in many life areas, including love, relationships, abundance, soul purpose, and business direction. It is often difficult for me to concentrate during a first meeting because all the guides want to speak at once!

What if you knew how to communicate with your spirit guides to receive guidance? What would change in your life if you learned how to reach out to your spiritual team? What if you developed that strong sense of never – ever! – being alone?

Get a sneak peak into one of the Modules I teach in the Goddess Pathways – Intuition Development Program, AND meet one of your Spirit Animal guides!

Spirit Animal Guides teach us how to listen from our hearts. They help us open up to more grace. They lead us with their beautiful energy of unconditional love.

It’s also easier, I find, to start an intuitive journey working first with Spirit Animals rather than spirits from higher realms:

  • animals are so abundant in our natural environment, and we interact with them every day: we hear bird calls, play with our pets, or watch those crazy cats on social media
  • it’s easier to notice signs of Animal Spirits in our life: feathers on our doorstep, or spotting a rare wild bird or animal
  • their energy is more “earthy”; therefore more readily available for us to pick up their vibe with our physical senses
  • Unless your Spirit Animal is a wild tiger, or a skunk, and you come face-to-face with a real live one… learning to be open to their spiritual presence is typically less spooky than seeing a stranger stand at the foot of your bed. Right? Less spooky is a great place to start!
Wild turkeys in my backyard!

When I first opened up to Animal Spirits a few years ago, I asked for a sign confirming my personal Totem. In meditation, I felt that Turkey was present… but I dismissed it: we have wild turkeys in our area. I told myself I was just thinking of turkey because I had seen some that morning. (And I felt Turkey was so un-sexy as a totem, I wanted something different – like Eagle, or Dolphin…). On my drive to work the next day, the flock of turkey crossed the street just in front of my car and I had to stop to let them cross. Again, I dismissed this as a sign, because I thought that turkeys are “in season” and therefore seeing them was nothing special. The next morning, my son – who was then 5 years old – woke up signing “Turkey, turkey, turkey”. I asked him why he was making up a song about turkeys, and he said that he just felt like it. Well, that was just too many turkey signs I had dismissed; I decided to heed their message! 🙂

I now love working with Turkey and I have a lot of respect for this very community-oriented bird. Turkey is both “Air Element”, being a bird, and also very “Earth Element” since it doesn’t fly very high nor for long distances. Turkeys live in community and care for their chicks. They are quite organized, too. I work with Turkey to ground my spirituality in everyday life, and to help me stay focused on serving my community in real and tangible ways.

So when you meditate to find your Spirit Animal, open your mind and heart: your Totem may not be who you *want* it to be, but it will be an energy perfect for you. Also, be open to how they will show up in your life – you might see their image on a truck or on a print; you might receive several social media feeds about this animal; or you might actually encounter one “in real life” as you go about your daily business.

Now that I know how to ask for a sign of my guides’ presence, and that I know how to communicate with them, I know that I am never alone. Spirit works in many mysterious ways, and often with quite the sense of humour to remind me of the many ways in which I can co-create this beautiful life experience. Life has become more magical, and flows with more grace and ease.

Would you like to experience a meeting with your Spirit Animal? Join me for a guided meditation next Wednesday September 21st at 1:30PM (Eastern). The meditation will be recorded, so you’ll be able to listen to it later if you can’t make it live on the call. Follow this link to register (your investment: $5).

I’m looking forward to guiding you through this meditation, and helping you awaken and strengthen your relationship with your Spirit Animal!

Much Love,