Create Sacred Space

Why should you create a sacred space?

Life can get so busy, and it’s so easy to be pulled in so many different directions. Like so many women, you might have lost a sense of who you are as you try to figure out all the roles you “should” have: perfect
daughter, perfect wife, sister, soccer mom, hockey mom, homemaker, cook, caretaker of children, parents and charitable causes… The world needs you, and you respond.
However… are you responding as YOU based on your authentic needs, your gifts, your strengths? Are you remembering to take care of YOU, your dreams, your heart, your desires? Or is all that being jumbled in
your need to please and meet others’ expectations?
Setting up your sacred space will give you a tranquil oasis where you can self-reflect, and reconnect with your true, divine self. It will help you find your centre and reduce your stress and anxiety. Your sacred space invites you to put yourself first for at least a few moments, every day.
When you feel calm, centred, and nourished… you will find more ease and flow in your life. When you take care of yourself, the whole world will feel a more serene, positive, sacred experience.
This bundle includes a questionnaire to determine which elemental energy to focus so you feel your best; a meditation; and information on creating an altar.