Earth & Gaia need your help now

Could you please spend 20 minutes in meditation for the wellbeing of our planet?

I don’t enjoy doomsday stuff nor conspiracy theories. I rather focus my energy on what is loving, energizing an uplifting. I can’t ignore, however, the heaviness many of us have been sharing these past few months. This energetic renewal we are undergoing, this shedding of the past, this dismantling of what no longer works… it is taking an energetic toll. At this moment where we feel vulnerable, there appears to be several psychic or negative energy “attacks” being directed from outside our planet and set to impact the Earth. I know several healers and shamans who have been working on dismantling these outside forces. Most of this has been resolved; and now the Earth is tired — just as we would be after fighting off a virus.

In my meditations, I often travel to the energetic centre and soul of this Earth and visit with Gaia. From there, I travel to outside our planet and energize the Earth’s chakras and energy gridlines. This meditation typically leaves me feeling grounded, energized, and inspired. Today, however, Gaia looked tired and sluggish. When I checked in on the gridlines, I saw a few holes, and some of the energetic lines seemed brittle. I have visualized the repairs, helped by fairies, angels, archangels, and other beneficial beings.

Now, I am also calling upon YOU to help.

Set your sacred space, and if you want burn incense (my sense was peppermint, rose or jasmine). Play inspiring music. Then imagine yourself as an astronaut looking at out planet in space. Use your imagination to repair gridlines; use your healing gifts to energize these grids and ensure the energy circulates at an optimal level. Help repair any structural damage, holes, or “soft spots”. (I was sensing the energy of rose quartz running through the grids.) Once you feel you have completed your work, travel down to the energetic centre of the Earth and imagine giving love and gratitude to Gaia, our Earth Mother. Let her know she can rest for a while; we’ve got this. You might feel called to promise one concrete action to help the environment this weekend, or promise to come back and meditate on the grids’ repair a few more times.

As I am writing this, a crow landed on the tree outside my window and is actively pruning the tree, pulling on dead branches with its beak… I’ve never witnessed this behaviour before; I’ll take it as a sign. Crow is a totem who travels between dimensions to help discard of what no longer works and bring more healing and growth.


If you need extra help, here is a video guided meditation I shared on YouTube a few years ago. It will help you connect your consciousness with Earth and Cosmic consciousness.

Share below: how have you experienced the energy shift these past few months? How have you experienced this meditation?

Thank you. Much Love,