Energy Clearing Bath Potion

One of the things I love to do as I get ready for ritual & ceremonies – like the online ritual we have tonight – is to clear and ground my energy by taking a luxurious bath.

The sea and himalayan salts work to remove charged ions from the energy field, much like going to the sea, or smelling the fresh air after a storm. It’s so clearing and refreshing!

Epsom salts give a boost of magnesium, so good for relaxing the muscles and body tension.

The coconut oil nourishes the skin while acting as carrier oil for the essential oils you choose. Today, I selected a blend of lavender and pepper for their purifying qualities.

The crystals bring healing energies, and help transmute negative vibes.

Pour everything in your bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes while focusing on your breath (deep and slow…). Imagine yourself releasing energy blocks in the water, then down the drain they go… At times, it’s possible to feel, sense or “see” black sludge coming out of your body… If this happens, no worries – it’s just stuff coming out to be cleared! Stagnant energy leaving your auric field!