Energy Forecast, April 2017

Monthly Oracle Card Reading


*Oracle deck used: “The Answer is Simple” by Sonia Choquette

This month, we are reminded that just like Nature, our human life has cycles of growth.  There is a general energy of unease around us, and that may trigger all types of responses such as fear, anxiety, anger…  Not the most pleasant types of emotions to live through.  Remember however that these are normal emotions in the human spectrum, and it is best that you don’t ignore them.  Pretending that you are immune to these emotions does not make you a better or more enlightened individual.  If these emotions pop up in your life, notice them.  Learn from them.  Ask yourself,

  • What can I release from the original trigger, from the first time I felt that emotion?
  • How old was I when it first happened?  What else was going on in my life?
  • What can I learn from my values?  My beliefs?  My relationships with others?  My relationship with myself?
  • Am I ready to release it completely, or only a part of it?  What am I still willing to hold on to?
  • How is this emotion shaping my perception of myself?  Who would I be if I didn’t hold a grudge, or have this pain, or become detached from this life story?


The cards today are reminding us that:

  • You are safe.  There might be an energetic dark cloud out there.  You may feel the chaos or the cyclone of destruction…  Remember you are safe.  You can meditate, practice yoga, practice Reiki and choose to stay in the eye of the storm instead of participating in the chaos.  You can become an observer of what is going on instead of being an unwilling participant.  It is the ego that torments you with fears of danger.  How can you best communicate with your higher self to know that Spirit-God-Universe is co-creating a lovingly beautiful life with you?
  • Step away from the crowd.  It’s OK to say no.  It’s OK to step away from relationships that are not nurturing or downright destructive.  The time has come for you to shine your own light, be your own unique authentic self.  The best way to hear your own wisdom is to choose to make time for peace and quiet away from other people’s drama.
  • Be patient.  You have planted seeds of intentions – now you must rest, stay calm, and allow for them to grow at their own pace.  Your Spirit Guides and the Universe are conspiring to bring you exactly what you need in divine timing – trust that.  The transformation process is happening.  It might appear slower than what your brain or your egoic agenda is wanting.  Learn to release expectations.  Breathe.  Relax.  Quiet your mind.  You are completely supported and loved, and so are your seeds of intention.  Step back now, and let magic unfold without trying to control or direct.  Spirit’s got your back.


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Much Love,