Energy Forecast for May 2017

The way ahead is different from the way you’ve always done things…

In this month’s Oracle Forecast, Spirit reminds us that we are undergoing a great transformation.  Transformations can bring up so many emotions: from the joy and anticipation for the adventure, to the fear and reluctance of change.  It’s normal and OK to experience the whole gamut of emotions – allow yourself to both feel the fear and the joy and the excitement: it’s all part of the human experience.

When you feel the fear, however, don’t allow it to stop you from moving forward on your path.  Welcome it as a sign from your egoic self, who simply wants to keep you safe in the same-old, same-old.  It’s a sign that you are changing and evolving as a spiritual being in this human experience.  Acknowledge the fear and the resistance, then choose to release it and take a bold step forward toward your intended goal.

This month, the specific action steps required of us are to let go of the past and to do a physical-mental-emotional spring cleaning.



1.  The energy now…

It’s time for deeper inner-reflection.  Become aware of how the past has shaped you — events from your own past, and events that impacted generations before you.  It’s time to pick and choose what works for you, and let go of the rest.  Become more conscious of how and why you react to situations or people.  Are your reactions being influenced by hurts or unresolved issues?  Are you willing to let go of these hurts and wounds, and learn to respond to life differently?

Remember also that the things you choose to share space with you in your home, car and office collect energy.  They can remind you of the past – at times things can remind us of our strengths and wonderful memories, and often old trophies, photos, and even trivial household items can remind us of what has passed, what we miss, or feelings of lack (lack of youth, lack of abundance…).  Learn to part with painful memories.  It can be difficult, but trust me – you will feel lighter and re-energized when you do.  Click HERE for a downloadable sheet on why you should clear old stuff, and how.


2.  What else do we need to know?

To move forward on your path, you must make a choice.  Part of the confusion and chaos at this time might be because you are refusing to make a decision.  Spirit is ready to work with you, but given that you are in the driver’s seat of your life, you must pick the direction in which you want to travel.  You have free will.  You are a spark of the divine.  The time for being passive is done.  To truly co-create with Spirit, Universe, the divine essence…  you must be able to state what you choose to experience now.  What is your intention?  What part of you do you wish to explore?  What quality or skill do you wish to enhance or play with?  What change to you want to see, and most importantly what change do you want to BE in the world?  What do you want to bring forward into your future?  Make those choices, then allow for Spirit to bring you the best opportunities and synchronicities so you can manifest your chosen experience.

3.  Where this is taking us…

Learn to do your part in the process of co-creation by tuning into what your soul wants to experience, and finding the courage to both ask for help and to take aligned action.  Then comes the exercise of trust: let go of the how.  Trust that Spirit will guide your steps.  Trust that all will unfold for the highest good.  Remember that what you will receive is most likely aligned to what your soul needs, rather than what your ego desires.

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