Find Magic Through Play

How will you play today? What will you do to enjoy your life, your creations, your possibilities?

To create magic in your life, to connect with your Higher Self, your intuition, and all sentient beings, you must be willing to let go of the seriousness of the ego and inject fun into your life. Magic doesn’t necessarily make sense from a logical perspective. You must be willing to see beyond the realm of the physical senses – and that’s child’s play. 🙂

So get out of your all grown-up serious persona today, and allow yourself to play. And I’m not talking about the mindless online games… It’s playing with imagination, the “what if’s”, the “pretend”… What if you were a goddess: what would you do today? What if fairies worked with you to solve a situation, how would you interact with them? What if you time-travelled through dimensions and found that wiser, magical part of you — then what? What if a crystal could talk to you; what would it say? What if the birds or animals you meet today had a message for you; what would that be?

Let your imagination soar without expectations. Just be curious and see where it leads you. It’s safe for you to do so. It’s good for you to do so. It will light up your spirit and re-ignite that happy place within you.