Finding clarity

Ever wonder why certain patterns or experiences always seem to pop up in your life? It might be a choice you’ve made that has incurred negative karma; or maybe you gave up your free will away in a previous life time; some of your current choices might be negatively impacting your chakras; or maybe you’re under the influence of a spell or curse…

For instance a choice of marrying for comfort or status instead of love has huge karmic consequences, especially when this choice is accompanied with a binding, or a vow of sacrifice, or the choice to suffer to prove one’s point… These choices often carry on from lifetime to lifetime and can pop up in all sorts of ways. For a business owner, this might show up as a feeling of confusion about the next steps and difficulty choosing between what “feels right” and what is logical but feels icky. Or she might be attached to the idea of surrender and struggle instead of going for the big dream. Finances might be very tight. You see, one choice can show up in many different ways until we recognize it, and redirect its energy.

This week, I have worked on “life situation readings” for several clients, and each Reading was so rich with “aha” moments and “yes! let’s finally get rid of *that*!”. My clients are excited about what will be possible now that these energy patterns are cleared – and so am I!

Once you know what’s happening at the energetic level of your being, it opens you up for making new choices. Awareness brings freedom and empowerment.

That’s the magic of my work.

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