Full Moon in Sagittarius

Happy Moon-Day!

It’s the full moon this week, in the sign of Sagittarius. If you’ve been experiencing crazy dreams, sleepless nights or restless legs… ask your body what this means for you. Take time to meditate and centre yourself, especially before bed.

This full moon triggers the energies of fun, adventure, and assertiveness. Any ants-in-your-pants kinda feelings might be an indication of where you’re stopping yourself from experiencing more fun and adventure. Restless legs is often an indication of your soul wanting to do something bigger, more fun, more bold, more courageous… and somehow your mind and current emotions are more comfortable in “feeling stuck”.

If this resonates with you… how can you bring a bit more fun and adventure to your life? It doesn’t have to be huge. Switching up a few things in your daily routine can make a big difference. This is a great time of the year to change up your eating habits. Are there new foods, fruits, recipes that can give you a sense of discovery or adventure? Is there a coffee shop or bakery just around the corner that you haven’t tried yet? Is there a corner of your backyard that you’ve been ignoring — what if you sat there for a while in meditation? At times, the best adventures are in your own home town!

The full moon is also the time to release and forgive. With this month’s theme… can you forgive yourself for making life choices that now make you feel stuck? Can you release old habits and thought patterns contributing to your feelings of stagnation at home, at work, in your love life? Where do you feel guilt, pressure or shame? Is there any bitterness or resentment ready to be healed?

Have fun preparing and doing your full moon releasing ceremony. Don’t make it too serious this month… bring in your favourite tunes, break out your dance moves, take out your paintbrushes… Find ways to be playful, and it will help you find the healing and the release that you’re looking for.

The associated essential oil this month is Sandalwood, and the crystal is Carnelian. It’s also associated with the Sacral Chakra.

I have a few appointments available this week (Tues-Wed-Thurs) to help you transmute any negative energy triggers by this full moon. Crystal healing + Reiki feel like magic to bring in more calm and inner peace! Message me to schedule your session.