Full Moon Meditation – Connecting to Compassion

The Full Moon can bring a lot of craziness and sleepless nights, right? And it can also bring opportunities for healing and releasing work. This is a cosmic time where light shines in the dark of the night – which is a metaphor for shining the light of wisdom in what keeps you stuck and struggling.

In the sign of Pisces, the Full Moon brings the energy of the mystic, the big picture, and the deeply spiritual. This is the perfect time to release what no longer serves your higher purpose.

What can this look like? Meditate and journal on why you feel stuck. First, you’ll need to form a healing intention. This can sound like, “I wonder why I find it so difficult to find love” or “I wonder why I feel so down on myself today” or “I wonder how I stop the flow of clients to my business”.

Then, use the following stories and questions as a guide to help you pinpoint where this pattern of “being stuck” started. When you shine a light on it, you will be able to form a plan of action to change it!

“Monique” saw the movie “The War of the Roses” when she was a young teen. In this movie, the characters Barbara and Oliver fall madly in love and have pre-marital hot s-e-x. Barbara, of a “proper” background, mentioned something to the effect that she must be a slut now and believed she was stuck to get married to Oliver. When Monique met her boyfriend and things got hot, she remembered the movie and judged herself, accepting subconsciously to be stuck in this relationship for a very long time…

“Lucy” has money issues. As far as she can remember, her parents were always fighting about the budget. She saw her father go to work for long hours every day, while her mother stayed home and pinched pennies to make sure everyone was fed and clothed. Deep down, Lucy developed the belief that the man of the house must bring in the income, and budgeting is painful. This belief prevents her from attracting the income she desires, and she spends lavishly creating a debt load that is increasingly difficult to manage.

“Sienna” was bullied in High School. She was the victim of vicious name-calling and pranks. The energy of that memory is still with her. When something goes wrong, she feels the guilt and the shame and judges herself harshly, “it must be true what everyone says about me; I’m a looser”…


At some point in your life…

  • Did you make a decision that you don’t deserve what you want?
  • Have you decided that you’re not worthy of having your needs met?
  • Did you adopt for yourself a story from a book or movie character – if it’s “true” for them, it must be true for you?
  • Did you choose to adopt for yourself a belief or pattern from your parents?
  • Can you remember how old you were? Can you remember how you felt, and why you made that choice?
  • How has this choice impacted your life?
  • Are you ready to release it, and start making new choices?
  • Are you ready to forgive yourself for having made that choice? Are you ready to bring love and compassion to who you were back then?

Once you’re ready, affirm your new intention. Grab your favourite tea, your best crystal, light a candle and burn incense. Look up to the Full Moon in gratitude for bringing light to that part of you which you were hiding from your consciousness. Now, you will be able to make much better choices for yourself, because they won’t be influenced by this subconscious shadow.

Listen to this meditation I streamed live on Facebook earlier today (about 30 minutes).

I’d love to hear from you. Visit my Facebook page and share your breakthrough or aha moment, or what you’ve learned in your life when you surrendered to the divine plan.

Much Love,


PS: If you’re ready to look into unconscious blocks and stories stored in your energy-being… consider a Reading in your Akashic Records. Together, we will uncover and release old stories that no longer serve your highest good. Message me for details and to see if it’s right for you.
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