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The Art of Being You: 3 Keys to Unlock Your Soul’s Wisdom

3DebookcoverYou already know that your Soul is bigger, brighter, and stronger than what you are currently experiencing in your current life circumstances. You know you have tremendous gifts to share with the people around you, and you would like to serve in a bigger way. You have moments of great inspiration, but then don’t follow through. Some of the reasons why you’re not moving ahead toward your goals and spiritual development are thoughts and emotional patterns.

 What I learned through my own journey is that there are three keys that you first need to activate to unlock your soul’s wisdom. These three keys will give you a sense of clarity and direction, so you stop saying yes to everyone and everything – and start SAYING YES TO THE REAL YOU.

These keys form a solid ground for your transformation. Without these keys, you will continue to feel confused and without direction. You will continue to apply other people’s views, perspectives or strategies, but nothing will click – because what works for someone else does not necessarily work for how your soul is made!I am handing you three very special and important keys to your soul… the exercises included in each chapter will help you unlock the gates to your soul’s wisdom.

Read more by signing to my email list – you’ll receive the 3 Keys in a series of emails, which will help you integrate the lessons of each key before moving on to the next one.  Each chapter has a self-evaluation questionnaire to help you evaluate your level of mastery with each key.

Psychic Awareness Quiz: Which “Clair” Are You?

clairaudienceWe all have a natural psychic and intuitive ability.  Just like there are different physical senses, there are different psychic senses.  In the intuitive realm just like in the physical world, some people are more visual, while others rely on what they hear or what they feel.  All of these senses are good, and we all have the potential to develop each one of them. 

Many times, we are closed to our own natural psychic channel because we believe that being “psychic” resembles what we have learned watching Hollywood movies, reading supernatural books or listening to some psychic celebrity.  We might believe that seeing auras, deceased loved ones, and coloured orbs with our eyes open is the only definition of being psychic or clairvoyant…  and because we don’t see energy in the same way we believe we’re not “enough” — and that creates a big block to the development of our own unique intuitive path!

Work with and embrace your strongest sense first, then you’ll notice the other senses will also develop.  Remember that intuition is to “notice the subtle.” Quiet your mind and notice the subtle impulses of intuition trying to capture your attention right now. Trust what you feel and don’t override it with your heavy-handed intellect. Intuition dances lightly across your awareness.

Take this quiz and find out which clair is your strongest asset.

What is a Lightworker?


You are a Lightworker if you have most of these characteristics:  you feel called to heal others;  you believe in the healing power of spiritual methods; you have had mystical experiences; you want to resolve the worldʼs social and environmental problems; you want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world; and you know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfill it.

In this class, I introduce the concept of a Lightworker and give you exercises to help you develop your energy-sensing abilities.


Meditation: Connecting with the energy of the Four of Wands


In this 30-minute meditation, I connect with the energy of the Four of Wands (image from Ellen Dugan’s “Witch’s Tarot”).  The four dancers on the card each represent a Sacred Element: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  The dancers have messages for you to help you reconnect with your passion, your creativity, your sense of abundance, and your joyful self.

Find a quiet spot, get yourself comfortable, and journey with me to the other realm where you can meet your dancers and hear their messages.