Goddess Teachings

The goddess is NOT PERFECT – you don’t have to be either. You have the spark of the goddess in you. ACTIVATE IT!

Recorded Live on May 19, 2017. (soundtrack with added images)

This was the closing talk for “An Evening of Strong Female Performances”, a fundraising and awareness activity for the Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) of Cornwall and area.

The evening included poetry, dance, art, singing and comic performances.

I forgot to press “record” at the beginning of my talk, so there’s a minute or two missing…

Be advised that there is some “savoury” language as this was the tone set earlier in the evening…

ABOUT ME: Jaz, Spiritual Teacher
I’m a spiritual teacher, and I show women how to tap into their inner wisdom and inner strengths to create a wonderful life.

One of the ways I do this is by sharing the stories of goddesses. These are stories that can help us find our strength, our resilience, and our will to rise again in the face of adversity.


  • Strong women throughout history have been silenced or made evil.
  • The goddess, in all her forms, helps us live our life – EMPOWERED. She helps us embody the divine in our humanity. We are meant to LIVE LIFE – not just think about it or meditate on it. Divinity requires aligned action.
  • The goddess is NOT PERFECT. So don’t wait to feel ready, or perfect, or healthier, slimmer, smarter… to start your spiritual journey. You are perfect the way you are. You already have the spark of the goddess in you. It’s time to ACTIVATE IT!
  • The goddess stories can help us develop healthy boundaries and better self-love and self-esteem. They provide examples of assertiveness and self-realization that are within our reach – because they share our humanity.

Shine your own unique light — and stop being silent. Speak up and take action toward the good you want to see in this world.