I am willing to bet your answer to that question is a resounding “YES!”

Let’s face it. If you’re here, you’ve been led here.

Your fingers might have magically browsed you to this webpage, or you felt a pull in your soul or a knowing in your heart and now… here you are.

I have been working with Goddesses, Spirit, Universe…  We have been calling you because I can deeply support you in manifesting your Divine Dream.  You have been called because…

 You are intuitive.

You are creative.

You seek a deep spiritual connection.

You are both a dreamer and a take-action type of woman.

You are an ambitious, high-achieving woman who is here to make an impact in the world with your unique purpose.

And you are ready to make the changes within you to actually LIVE — not just think about — the wonderful and magical life you’ve always deeply desired to create.

You’ve always known that there is more to life than what your eyes can see, and what you mind tells you.  There is an essence of magic out there that you desire to connect with…a spirit of natural alchemy, beautiful ritual, and divine order…but you’re unsure of how to tap into these energies within yourself to manifest your desire — whether it’s a new love, a new business adventure, or the “big money”.

You’ve been seeking and praying for something to reconnect you with your sense of joy, flow and harmony.  You’re tired of being tired; you’ve had enough of all the pushing and do-do-do energy; you’re ready to magnetize and manifest; you’re willing to invite in Goddess energy and play in the field of infinite possibilities.


Bring your awareness to your Forehead Chakra.  Take a deep breath down to your belly.  Imagine you can time travel to the future and you connect with your own self two months in the future…

  • You’ve gained clarity of thought and of action.
  • Your most pressing project is successfully achieved.
  • You radiate confidence and inner peace.
  • You sleep better, and your dreams have become clear.
  • You have successfully attracted your heart and soul’s desire.
  • You feel supported and nurtured.
  • You have integrated an important life lesson and are moving on.
  • A negative situation has been happily and easily resolved.
  • You feel more balanced and aligned with your soul mission.
  • You find new ease and flow in structuring and delivering your business projects and services.
  • You have achieved new success in your life and business — on your own terms.
  • You new elevated energy is reflected in your new elevated bank account statement.  You are in the flow of abundance.
  • You are savouring life.


How would that tip the scales of happiness and satisfaction in your life?

Breathe that in…  for it is possible to achieve!

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

At times, you just need to let go a bit more and flex your trust in the divine.  I believe that the divine is always present to help with wise and practical advice; that the divine is always ready to work miracles.

When you can relax in the deep inner knowledge that you are fully guided and loved, magical manifestations can happen easily!

When you can set aside time each day for meditation and conscious intention, when you invite the divine to work with you, when you amp up your personal vibration…  then the rate at which you notice results and synchronicity also accelerates.  You are the co-creator of  your life experience.  Find time for magic, and magic will find you!


Here’s how I can help you

I bring you all of my tools to lighten your load and illuminate your spiritual path.  Some of my tools, I honed in cubicle world: strategy, coaching, planning, and systemic organization.  My magical tools and spiritual medicine I have gained from my life’s choices and experiences.

I’ve had a deep connection with the divine since early childhood, I remember being surrounded by beings of infinite love with whom I would have the most interesting conversations… until I chose to shut everything off in my teens to try to fit in.  And yet, my mystic powers were never far from the surface.

I learned to read cards at the age of twelve.  I worked with ghosts.  I deepened my knowledge of all things mystic.  I debunked a few church practices that were fear-based rather than love-based.  I was a bit of a rebel with a lot of soul.  In my twenties I discovered Reiki which re-opened doors to my deep well of intuition.  Then I discovered the Akashic Records, easy and powerful ritual practices to anchor high energy.  In my thirties, a two-week spiritual retreat with John of God in Brazil accelerated my spiritual journey – it was no longer possible for my soul to keep working in “cubicle world” and I chose to quit to pursue my higher calling.

Now, I can devote my energy to you, to your wellbeing, and to develop your strength and resilience in shining your Light.


Let me introduce you the Goddess Wisdom System.

By aligning your life & biz to the Way Of The Goddess, you will redefine success, courage and abundance on your own terms and in alignment with ancient feminine wisdom.  You will emerge as the excellent healer, teacher and leader in your community because you will know, down to your bones, how to show up in a way that is authentic to your soul & your gifts.  You will radiate from the inside out from the confidence gained through meaningful divine guidance.

In our work together, I will be your personal Priestess, shaman and healer.  I will lead you through powerful exercises to release patterns that don’t serve you anymore.  I will help you call in your desire.  I will give you information from your Akashic Records about your soul path, soul mission and unique gifts.  I will provide you soulful structure and accountability so you stop procrastinating and finally get in the flow of your best life.  I will help that monkey brain of yours to finally relax, so you can sink into the deliciousness of life and allow for miracles to unfold.

I can midwife you back to YOU. Rebirth yourself, again and again, with more love and compassion. More fierceness. More alignment. More real.

I will hold sacred space with you, so you can break free of all that is holding you back from creating your successful, emotionally fulfilling, inspired life & biz.  You will refine your healing skills, implement nurturing daily habits, and create rituals for your highest soulful integrity.

In the process, you will learn to love all the quirky, out-of-the-box, intuitive pieces of you.
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Aren’t you tired to push, push, push through life; from launch to launch; from project to project?  Aren’t you exhausted enough already even though you know there is more in you to give?

There is a better way. 

Working with the natural cycle of women and with the natural cycle of the moon is a sure way to tap into your mystical self.  Working with the moon is one of the oldest practices in women medicine magic – and it’s very potent!  Each moon carries its own energy from fullness to release.  Aligning your work and intentions with Nature’s energy will increase the ease and flow of your manifestation work.  Actively noticing your personal rhythms and those of nature around you will help you get out of your head and sink back into your heart space.  Knowing when the stars are aligned for rest, and when they are aligned for quick action will bring more ease to your life.  Understand how the various goddesses can guide your healing work; protect you; and nurture your soul will bring you more confidence.  It will help open you to receiving more…  More love, more joy, more abundance, more guidance.

Clearing the old stories you’re holding on in your chakra system and in your soul’s records will help you start fresh.  Every wonder why you self-sabotage?  Why it seems you have “bad karma” in certain situations?  Why relationships are difficult? Why money is hard to come by and keep, or why success eludes you?  Are you tired of repeating the same old patterns?  When you shed light on these shadowy parts of your soul story, you will find transformation, empowerment, freedom and expansion.

You will not have to work harder — not even smarter.  You will work from the richness and mystery of your soul, of your womb centre, where you embody divine grace, magic and miracles.

You will feel divinely guided and nurtured.  There’s no need to do it all alone.  Truly!


Working with me, you may experience the following benefits:


    • Define your ultimate life purpose
    • Gain clarity on how your soul purpose can best be reflected in your life, projects, and business blueprint.
    • Redesign your values to ensure they empower you and make you feel confident, joyful and radiant-goddess-self every single day!
    • Work with the moon, the seasons, Nature’s energy, and goddess mythology to flow with life, instead of fighting against it.
    • Understand the type of support, structure and environment your soul needs to grow and prosper.
    • Develop practices that nurture your wellbeing and grow your bank account.
    • Learn to work with the moon, the Tarot, altars, goddesses, crystals, pendulums and other divination tools.


    • Learn to optimize your soul’s gifts to enhance your communications skills
    • Understand your family members or business partners from their soul’s blueprint perspective, so you know how to best communicate with them, and support them through their own challenges.  This has saved many relationships! 
    • Learn to communicate your spiritual ideals so others understand and support you.
    • Learn to communicate from your soul’s strength, rather than from your ego’s fears.
    • Break free of negative thoughts that could be holding you back from joy & success.
    • Eliminate limiting beliefs: fear of failure, fear of success. fear of judgement, fear of not being enough, victim mentality & “comparisonitis”
    • Use your thoughts and emotions to create the life you desire.
    • Develop a practical vocabulary reference guide that will magnetize, and vibrationally attract, your ideal clients, partners, lovers…


    • Articulate your desires and how to manifest them
    • Set inspiring goals for your life and your business – because these goals speak directly to your soul!
    • Understand what drives and inspires you – from your soul’s perspective
    • Define how your spiritual and healing gifts can serve others – in your private life and in your business model & practices.
    • Get super clear on your next right, aligned action, and feel confident and nurtured about your ability to reach your goals.
    • Implement sound, practical action plans that will support you to easily magnetize and manifest your objectives.
    • Be transformed in the way you show up in life, and in how you experience life.


    • Overcome anxiety, stress, fear, and overwhelm; and replace them with gratitude, love, trust, inner peace and confidence.
    • Stop self-sabotage.
    • Establish healthy boundaries to overcome emotional conflict and lack of inner harmony.  Get rid of energy vampires and leeches!
    • Understand the difference between resistance, and energetic misalignments – and learn to move through the discomforts of resistance.
    • Learn how to tap into the ‘flow state’ and quantum leap your success & abundance.
    • Nurture your sensitivity, empath gifts, and your imagination.
    • Implement practical rituals that celebrate the flow of life through the seasons.
    • Learn to work with essential oils to trigger states of bliss.


    • Boost your intuition with grace and apply your skills with strong ethical guidelines.
    • Cultivate a powerful connection with your soul and spiritual guidance system.
    • Understand karmic patterns, and remove that old baggage (from this life and from lifetimes ago!) so they no longer hold you back from your desires.
    • Understand your karma and chosen life lessons
    • Feel deeply connected to goddess, Spirit, your Higher Self…
    • Develop deep trust in your higher vision, your higher self, your divine guidance.
    • Implement simple rituals that nurture your soul.
    • Be the living breath of ancient wisdom in this modern world.


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You no longer feel alone working on your Sacred Dream.  You can relax into your BEINGNESS instead of constantly pushing or striving or struggling.  Your mind and your emotions are clear, and you can see your path ahead.  You enjoy a sacred relationship with your Higher Self and with the divine, and you have fun manifesting your exceptional life.

Are you ready to invest your time wisely toward your highest good? Are  you willing to receive spiritual guidance, and to take prescribed aligned action?  Are you ready to flow with the energy of Love, Abundance, Joy and Truth for your highest path?

It starts with a conversation.

To give this maximum level of support and manifestation mojo, I offer this program to a select few clients every lunar cycle.  For most effective results, I want to ensure my clients don’t present with any serious blockages or negativity in their Akashic Records, and that they are ready and willing to take aligned actions as channelled by their Spirit Guides.  I’ll need to get a feeling for your energy and commitment, and receive a few messages from your Spirit Guides before we get started.  When you apply for your Mystical Manifestation Call, you will see a form attached to the online booking.  You are required to fill in this form at least 48 hours prior to our call so I can do preliminary investigation in your Akashic Records before we chat in person.  The more prepared we are for our calls, the better the energy will flow and the quicker we can move to magical strategy.

I am looking forward to making magic with you.  Making the world a better place starts by fully aligning your actions, your manifestations, and your soul.  I am here to support you as you make the positive impact with which you seek to bless the world.

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