Activate your 3 Keys to unlock your soul’s wisdom!

Dear Dreamer, Healer & Business-Builder,

I want to take a moment to truly connect with you.  Did you know I hold you in my prayers and morning meditations?  Every day, I am sending you joyful, peaceful, loving energy wherever you are in the world.  Take a nice, deep, breath and allow yourself to receive this peaceful energy to help you feel centred through your day.

I love this life I have created for myself and my family.  I love who I have become since I walked away from the “big job” where I felt so miserable and out of place.  People who see me now find that I look younger and more serene than 5 – 10 years ago.  I share this with you not to boast, but because I know that I can help you understand what your soul truly wants, and I can help you walk away from what feels misaligned to you.

I don’t consider myself a super special woman, and I don’t have super powers; so I know that what I have done to change my life, you can do, too.  You’re just as special and powerful as I am.  Maybe you just need the right guidance and mentoring to believe that you are, and to believe that you CAN manifest what your heart truly desires.

And this brings me to what I am offering you today: a mentored journey with me.

Think about this for a moment…  What would your life be like if…

  • You truly believed in yourself and your gifts?
  • You understood the value of what you are bringing to this world?
  • You felt radiant and confident every day – at home and at work?
  • You felt more energized and passionate?
  • You felt validated in your uniqueness?
  • You felt totally accepted, just the way you are at the core of your being?

What do you think would be possible for you then?  Sit with this energy for a few breaths…



And now, think of this: what is it costing you…

  • To live someone else’s dream, and not your own?
  • To feel trapped, insecure, misunderstood?
  • To stuff down your dreams and aspirations?
  • To not have someone with whom you can talk openly about your emotions and your spirituality?


For me, it almost cost me my life.  In the year leading to my departure from my corporate job, I felt like a shadow.  I was very depressed.  I felt trapped.  I thought there was something wrong with me – why couldn’t I be happy with the big salary and all the benefits?  My depression was also affecting my son’s happiness, and we started receiving notes about his behaviour in school (he’s an empath, too!).  I went for regular massages, acupuncture and chiropractic care… and still the knots in my muscles and that tightness in my throat would not go away.  I cried a lot.  I choked down anger.  And trust me, I would still rather not talk about these things because of the shame I felt at that time.  Most days, I’d rather pretend I never was down that big, black, disoriented hole.

But that darkness happened.  And I’m glad it did, because now I can better understand the distress that comes from living a life that is not aligned with one’s soul.  Because I have journeyed though my own darkness and shadows, I have developed techniques and the compassion to mentor you and guide you through your own shadows.

And I know that you don’t have to wait until you’re disoriented in your own darkness before taking steps to ensure you are aligned with your soul!

Most people come to see me because they have the feeling of missing a piece of their life’s puzzle.  They have forgotten their passion.  They’ve tried being and doing what others expect of them…  and it leaves them feeling empty, flat, unhappy.  They are ready to take that next step.  They are ready to take action to change how they perceive their life.  They are ready to try on new approaches to understand AND manifest their heart’s desire.

When I mentor my clients on a Soul Journey, I start by activating the 3 Keys to their soul’s wisdom by:

  1. Giving them details on how their soul is “wired”.  By looking in my clients’ Akashic Records, I receive information and clues on what makes their soul feel joyful and empowered.  I can guide my clients based on their innate gifts.  I can help my clients build on their strengths.  With this information, they feel validated.  Their reaction typically sounds like, “This is why I feel this way / react this way / am happy in this situation and not that”  It’s like there’s a big weight lifted from their shoulders, because they can stop pretending to be someone else.  They can stop trying to fit in — and just be the beautiful soul that they are!
  2. Giving them details on what is blocking them.  Do you know about karma, vows, contracts, and beliefs stored in your soul’s history?  This is where I uncover these blocks for my clients.  I shed light on patterns and choices that are having a negative effect on their lives at this time.  Most people have that feeling of having at some point made a vow of poverty or obedience.  Most people have that thought that in a past life, they must have done something to experience today’s karma.  The information alone is enlightening, but I also give my clients a customized 21-day clearing process; it’s a prayer they must recite every day.  They report feeling lighter, and that the small things that used to really bug them aren’t triggering them anymore.
  3. Guiding them in the next right action.  Because some the blocks and blinders are now removed, I can now help my clients re-imagine their life.  I help them choose and implement actions that might be scary, because they’re new to them and different from what they normally do… but these are actions that bring them in better alignment with their soul’s wisdom and purpose.  And now that they are actively working with their soul, they feel stronger and more confident.  They make better decisions when it comes to their relationships, their jobs, their business goals and direction.  They’re generally happier because they’re making decisions based on who they really are.

A close-up of a key moving towards the key hole.

  • Are you ready to use your 3 Keys and truly tap into the wisdom of your soul?
  • Are you ready to be fully YOU, without excuses or guilt?
  • Are you ready to revitalize your life?
  • Are you ready to gain clarity on your soul’s blueprint?
  • Are you ready to feel joyfully empowered?
  • Are you ready to develop your spiritual gifts?


This is a 2-month journey, and you have to be ready to take new actions in your life.  After all, if you continue to do what you’re doing now…  you will likely not be able to experience a better state of being.  Your transformation will happen through your new actions.

In our Soul Journey together, we meet 4 times over 2 months.  This is an intuitive process, so there’s no “one size fits all”.  I respond to what my clients need in the moment in terms spiritual support.  But this is typically how the Program is structured:

  1. The Soul Profile: Before we meet, I’ll need your birth information to prepare your report.  I’ll share with you the greatest qualities and vibrations of your soul.  You’ll know how your soul is meant to experience itself.
  2. The Soul Realignment Process:  I’ll share with you the vows, contracts and other blocks present in your Akashic Records that are ready to be released, so you can experience your true self.  I’ll give you your customized 21-day process of transformation.
  3. An Energy Healing session: By this time, you’ll likely need a wee bit of help to integrate the energetic changes!  This is your session to relax as I work with your Light Energy Body and help you clear old patterns, beliefs and karmic “gunk” stuck that you’ve been carrying.
  4. Your Soul Manifesting Blueprint:  Here, we access your very own “operating manual”.   We further clarify your direction, and set intentions that are aligned with your Soul Profile.  You’ll get a deep understanding of how you can best bring about change — and stay motivated as you implement new actions! We discuss how you can continue to integrate soulful changes in your life toward more joy, more freedom, and more abundance.


You’re probably wondering by now what would be your investment for this Program…  You will receive:

  • Our 4 sessions (in person, by phone or web)
  • A recording of our sessions when done via web (there is no recording done in person)
  • Email support where you can ask me your questions as you experience changes
  • Written Soul Profile, Soul Realignment and Manifesting Blueprint reports
  • Customized guidance and 21-day transformation process

I want for you to understand your life lessons, and how the foundations that you’re building will serve you on your intuitive development path for the rest of your life. We’ll talk about what it means to be psychic amongst “normal” people, coming out of the “psychic” or “spiritual” closet, and how to manage energetic and intuitive sensitivities.  I want to help you step into a new relationship with Spirit to transform your life.  I want to be there for you as you transform, so you don’t feel alone and fumbling.  I want you to feel strong and empowered.

Your investment is $777, or 4 payments of $200.  Are you ready to journey with your soul?

Go to THIS LINK, and let’s get started!  Once I receive your payment, I will send you a link for you to book your first session.  Remember to send me your email address so I can send you required documentation and booking schedule!

I am surrounding you in Love and Light, and I am looking forward to working with you.

To your best self,