Soul Journey Program


Understand your soul’s manifesting blueprint, clear old karma, and find the most aligned process to create the life you desire.

Your soul holds the map for your life’s journey

You are a woman with a big dream, and wish to find a way to express your soul’s purpose and your unique divinity.  You create magic by tapping into your talents and best abilities.  You believe that Universe/Spirit wants to support you in your service to others by returning to you the flow of energy, in the form of money and abundance.  You seek an easier system to bring balance and harmony to your life, your relationships, and your bank account.

Your Akashic Records hold the keys to your soul’s wisdom.  Imagine finally finding a process to heal old blocks and release old karmic patterns that are keeping you stuck. Once you learn to tap into your strengths; once you become aware of your shadows; once you learn to work with your soul’s natural manifesting blueprint… life becomes magical. You can create the life your heart truly desires. It becomes easier to work through life’s messiness and sticky points. You walk forward with confidence, strength, and inner peace.

I can show you the keys to your highest path – are you ready to journey? Are ready to take real, soulfully aligned action to make your dreams a reality?


Did you know…

  • …that your soul has a unique design for manifestation, and once you tap into the wisdom of its blueprint you can create your life from a place of inner peace, joy and serenity… instead of feeling stressed, lost, and pushing through your should’ve, would’ve, could’ve?
  • …that you might be carrying in your soul an imprint of old beliefs, wounds, programming or vows that do not support your abundance and desired freedom?
  • …that energy blocks and restrictions found in your soul’s history, including present-life relationships, are often the source of relationship mayhem?
  • …that it’s easier to stay focused and on your path when you’re accountable to someone?

The typical coaching techniques don’t support and nurture the heart-centred woman on a mission.  These don’t leave enough space for inspiration and the flow of spiritual realignment.  In fact, too many heart-centred woman try so hard to follow advice from well-meaning family members, coaches, and thought leaders and still don’t see the results they’re hoping for.  Vision boards don’t work.  Affirmations have limited effect.  The best intentions fall flat.  At the end of the year – they feel disempowered, angry with their decision-making, and disappointed in their business results.

All of the above strategies are important, of course!  Yet, the best strategy for YOU is one that flows easily from your soul’s purpose and blueprint.  It’s a strategy where you feel confident creating your life from actionable spiritual guidance.  It’s a strategy that comes from your own thoughtful inner process of transformation and embodiment.  It’s a strategy that works with  your strengths and talents – not in response to your fears or social pressure.

Imagine what your life would be like in six months once you:

  • Understand which mental, emotional and spiritual patterns need to be shifted;
  • Reconnect with your higher guidance system and develop your intuition;
  • Learn to incorporate spiritual practices in your every day life;
  • Feel a deep healing of old wounds and a release of old karma;
  • Energetically transmute difficult business relationships that are creating energetic misalignments in your life;
  • Reconnect with your passion, creativity and zest for living;
  • Become crystal clear on your next right action to feel aligned with your soul purpose and mission.

Working with your Akashic Records and your team of Spirit Guides can bring more wisdom, beauty and flow to your life.  It can help you save so much time, energy, money and potential disappointment.  It can also help you develop your spiritual gifts faster and with more confidence.

Are you ready to take real, soulfully aligned action to make your dreams a reality?

In this 6-months journey, we will meet twice a month in person or via web-hosting (a total of 12 sessions).  In our time together, you will gain a deeper understanding of your Soul Profile and Soul Manifesting Blueprint.  You will receive timely energy clearing, healing sessions, and guidance from your team of Spirit Guides.  We will review your life goals and practices to nip misalignments in the energetic bud.

The process we follow is intuitive and will be adapted to your real-time life circumstances.  We will follow this general outline which has worked miracles in my clients’ lives and businesses:

  1. A review of your Soul Profile, so you understand the qualities and soul gifts you are bringing to the world.
  2. A Soul Realignment (R) reading, to understand your karmic baggage and set the course for your clearing work.
  3. A Life Lessons Reading, so you understand the general theme of your life.  This is a great reading for people who are truly invested in allowing their Souls the experience that they desire in this lifetime, in order to resolve ongoing karmic influences.  This will give you a sense of direction.
  4. A review of your Soul Manifesting Blueprint, so you understand how to best share your gifts and purpose with the world.
  5. Chakra-clearing sessions to ensure you are not carrying old energetic baggage.  This will outline belief patterns and lifestyle choices that must shift.
  6. Life Area Readings to uncover, with the wisdom of your Akashic Records, the energetic root causes of misalignment in your relationships, activities, and lifestyle choices.  These readings will give you a clear action plan for implementing aligned changes.
  7. Relationship Readings You will better understand the energetic relationship between you and an other soul.  Find peace as you learn about your karmic relationship and how to develop healthier boundaries.  Move to greater harmony as you understand what lessons you have chosen to experience with each other. This reading is not necessarily focused on romantic relationships, although that is certainly a valid application. This reading can be done for parents and children, family members, business partners … all the relationships that deeply impact you on your path.
  8. Guidance from your team of Spirit Guides. Find out how your teams of Spirit Guides are structured, and who exactly is on your team! Understand how Spirit Guides interact with you and how they serve you in everyday life. You will receive detailed messages from your Guides.
  9. Intuitive Readings, Tarot Readings and healing work to help you shift energy that is stuck or misaligned in the form of negative beliefs, outdated soul contracts or vows.  You will find more confidence in making more aligned life decisions.

**Note that this is a general outline, and not a specific to-do list for each session.  You might have questions that take more time for discussion.  You might need additional healing sessions to help you process and integrate the elevated energetic vibrations you will create.  There is extra time and space built into this Soul Journey Coaching Program to allow you to express your divinity and work through your unique life circumstances.

There are two payment options for this transformational and soul-supporting business coaching program:

  • A pay-in-full option: $5,ooo
  • A monthly payment plan: $750 per month for six months, plus a one-time set-up fee of $500

Are you ready to step into the flow of your soul’s wisdom?

letstalkbutton-2It starts with our first conversation.  Let’s talk about your dreams, aspirations and business processes, and let’s see if we’re a good match to journey together.

If you feel ready to start the journey, click on these links to register.  Remember to fill in the questionnaire, and know that as soon as you commit to the journey, Spirit starts its work with you!  Magic and energetic realignment might very well start to happen before our first session!

I’m looking forward to journeying with you and helping you shine your soulful gifts in this world!