Soulful Business VIP Day


This day steeped in your soul’s wisdom will leave you grounded with a solid plan to move your business forward in the following 6-12 months.

Your soul holds the map for your business’ growth

Having a business is a wonderful way to express your soul’s purpose and your unique divinity. You create magic by tapping into your talents and best abilities. You believe that Universe/Spirit wants to support you in your service to others by returning to you the flow of energy, in the form of money and abundance. You seek an easier system to bring balance and harmony to your life and business.


Imagine what your business would be like in six months once you:

  • Know exactly what marketing strategies, sales processes and business systems will align to the greatest available financial flow;
  • Uncover and clear energetic blocks and restrictions that are hindering the flow of money, new customers, or repeat business;
  • Evaluate new projects or services for their financial abundance potential BEFORE they are launched;
  • Energetically transmute difficult business relationships that are creating energetic misalignments to financial abundance;
  • Find a tailored-to-you system for your monthly and yearly planning.


Working with your Akashic Records and your team of Spirit Guides can bring more wisdom, beauty and flow to your life and business. It can help you save so much time, energy, money and potential disappointment. It can also help you develop your business faster and with more confidence.


What does the Soulfully Aligned Business VIP Day include?

  • This special day includes 5 hours of private coaching with me (5 sessions with breaks in between).
  • Before the day you’ll complete an in-depth questionnaire so I can give you the best possible tailored support on the day.
  • We’ll meet in person in my studio (or via web hosting), so you can focus on YOU and your business.
  • You’ll also receive a 30 minute follow up call a week later, plus one month of email support to keep you on track.

Your investment: $1,997CDN

You will gain a deeper understanding of your Soul Profile and Soul Manifesting Blueprint as they apply to your business strategies. You will receive energy clearing and guidance from your team of Spirit Guides. We will review your business goals and practices to nip misalignments in the energetic bud. We will work with the Law of Polarity to increase your money flow.  You will find more confidence in making more aligned life and business decisions.

Your VIP day will be tailored to your needs, following the outline below which has worked miracles in my clients’ lives and businesses.  The process is intuitive and will be adapted to your real-time business and life circumstances.

  1. A review of your Soul Profile, so you understand the qualities and soul gifts you are bringing to the world. This will clarify your mission, purpose and messaging.
  2. A review of your Soul Manifesting Blueprint, so you understand how to best share your gifts and purpose with the world. This will clarify your delivery and marketing methods.
  3. An energetic business invocation. This is a powerful ritual that will help connect your “field of dreams” to your “3D Reality”. Manifesting your goals and objectives will become easier and more aligned with your soul’s purpose and mission. You will feel that Universe and Spirit are working WITH you to manifest your highest good.
  4. An analysis of your sales and income for the past nine months, to determine your energetic abundance bandwidth. This will determine your strategic financial planning in a way that is grounded in facts and experience – not “pie in the sky” business dreaming.
  5. A Business Reading to uncover, with the wisdom of your Akashic Records, the areas of energetic misalignment in your products, services, marketing, sales, systems, contributors and clients. These readings will give you a clear action plan for implementing aligned changes and strategies.
  6. Through the day, you will receive guidance from your team of Spirit Guides. This will validate your soul’s urgings and creative insights.

**Note that this is a general outline, and not a specific to-do list for each hour. Depending on where you are in your soulful and business development, some sessions may take more or less than an hour. You might have questions that take more time for discussion. You might need additional healing sessions to help you process and integrate the elevated energetic vibrations you will create. There is extra time and space built into this Soulfully Aligned Business VIP Day to allow you to express your divinity and work through your unique life and business circumstances.



Ready to design your Soulfully Aligned business with the wisdom of your Akashic Records?

Your investment of $1,997CDN is an incredible value to propel you towards the balanced life, joy, and abundance you desire.

If you’re ready to take action and make your business a success, book your VIP day now!

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If you’d like to discuss your needs further, apply for a complimentary 30 minute Soulfully Aligned Strategy Session.  We’ll discuss your dreams, your aspirations, and what’s keeping you stuck in your business and see if we’re a good fit to work together.


I’m looking forward to journeying with you and helping your shine your soulful gifts through your business!