Harnessing Change

Many of my students, many people in my networks, and so many of you whom I have met recently for workshops, talks, and community events have told me that they can feel it.  I’m sure you’re feeling it too to some degree: change is in the air!  It’s so close, it’s palpable.

  • Relationships seem to be crumbling
  • People are moving, changing houses, cities or even countries
  • Old jobs or careers are becoming boring and a source of stress
  • People are reaching their “that’s enough” point
  • People have enough of just dreaming about starting their business, or changing their lives, or healing their hearts…  they are ready to take action!
  • Democracy is being challenged and questioned

The good news in all of this is that you’re not alone.  It seems that all around the world, we are working on releasing old karma to make space for something new.  All of the changes and challenges in your life now are markers in your journey to point you to your next destination.

Your choice now is to stay in resistance mode and ignore the red flags, or surrender to the massive energy of change and see what you want to create and experience next.

Remember: there are no shoulds.


Did you know that this energy of change has been set in motion since the December solstice in 2012?  We went through a big portal then, and several other portals of possibility and manifestation since then.  When you open the door now, it might look like chaos and disenchantment.  Please don’t fear this, for chaos is part of the change process.  What we have known as our reality must be dismantled so we can build anew.

Allow for these questions to guide you, as you reflect upon and re-imagine your perspectives and your current 3D reality:

  • What do I want to experience now?
  • Who do I want to be in all this?
  • What have I been tolerating that I am no longer accepting?
  • What tools do I have – in the baggage of my experience, past studies, personal and business connections, etc.
  • What further tools do I need – to help shift my energy, my perspectives; to help me manifest
  • What further knowledge and know-how do I need?  Because manifestation doesn’t come from wishful thinking alone, but through focused and aligned action based on what is available to you in the 3D world.
  • Am I ready to commit to this change?  Am I ready for the long-term journey?
  • What next step am I ready to do now, today, this week to align myself with my desire?

Have fun diving in deep to flesh out your inner wisdom and your inner desires.  How will you harness this energy of change?  What ripple effect will you have on this world?

Do you need help in figuring things out?  The Soul Profile Assessments and Soul Manifesting Blueprint I do with the wisdom of your Akashic Records are amazing resources.  My clients tell me that they feel more centred, more aware of their gifts, and more ready to make the change they want to see in the world after these sessions.  We clear out old patterns and beliefs from your energy body, which allow you to make to, more enlightened choices in your life.  I’d love to help you shine your beautiful Light!