Harvest Moon 2016

Working with Demeter and Persephone for the Harvest Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Happy Friday!  We’re starting the weekend with the Harvest Moon… and a lunar eclipse. It’s the perfect archetype for Demeter & Persephone. What can we learn from this mother-daughter story?

Demeter is a Mother Goddess in the stories of Ancient Greece. She is nurturing and lavish. She ensures her children have warmth and an abundance of food. She is prosperous and generous.

One day, her most beloved daughter Persephone (Maiden Goddess) catches the eye of Hades, god of the underworld. He bargains with Zeus to kidnap her, rape her, and bring her to live with him in the underworld.

Demeter is overcome with grief and anger. She orders Nature to stop producing food for the people, and blankets the earth with snow. She looks high and low for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Persephone chooses not to give in to the victim role. She faces the darkness around her, and finds her strength through her struggles. She becomes queen of the underworld, and helps others find their way to the afterlife.

Demeter finds Zeus and demanded for her daughter to be returned to her, or else the world will continue to be held hostage by winter. Zeus can not undo his promise to Hades, but was able to change the contract so that Persephone could return to the surface of the Earth a few months of the year.

Demeter and Persephone told a story explaining the change of seasons  (and we are going into Fall on the Equinox on Sept 21). It is also a story of courage, resilience, love, and spiritual growth. It is a story of accepting one’s fate, and yet growing into wisdom.


How can their story apply to your life? How can you grow into more strength as you meditate upon this Harvest Moon?

  • Call the Mother Goddess to you, and see her in her fullness. Bring to mind all that is full, plentiful, abundant in your life, and give thanks. What good deeds are you harvesting? What karma are you experiencing?
  • When the fullness of the Moon “disappears into darkness”, call upon Persephone. How can you find strength to overcome your challenges? How can you find resilience to stop playing a victim, and take charge of your life, your business, your relationship? How can you make lemonade out of the lemons in your life? (…you might want to have lemonade as offering on your altar) How can you quiet that “mother’s voice in your head” to truly step into your own strength and power?
  • As the moon returns to fullness, contemplate your life’s journey. What have you learned as yourself as a woman through your challenges? What inner wisdom have you gained? How has your perception of the world changed? How can you guide others, going through similar darkness?


I’m surrounding you with Love. Enjoy discovering your inner wisdom and courage. And if you need help facing the darkness or the challenges, remember to reach out. Click HERE and we can schedule a quick chat. xo