Heal and Detach From Your Past

Which day is this? Friday? I’ve completely disconnected this week… I’ve been pulling down a pergola, dismantling decks, shovelling dirt, moving rocks… It’s been a week of demolition, getting ready to repair the house’s foundation. It’s been great to get out of my head and into my body. Working on the 3D foundation of my home, I’m also meditating on the 7D/5D/3D foundation of my business. Outer work and inner work are so often reflections of each other…
As we’re going into Full Moon energy – what is being reflected back to you, in your life? Are you noticing synchronicity or coincidences? Are people or life situations getting on your nerves — and how is that a reflection of you and your inner life/thoughts/feelings?
We are in a time of transition, and the Full Moon is an invitation to review the past; to bless it and release it. You can’t build a solid foundation for the future on top of old hurts and wounds. What one thing from the past are you ready to release and heal this month? For entrepreneurs: how can you release any disappointment or bitterness from marketing, projects, events or sales that didn’t go as planned – to make space for new activities that are more in alignment with your true energy?
If you have trouble finding answers to these questions, remember that your Akashic Records can guide you. I’d be happy to read your Records for you (not this week – need to rest from reno work! I have some openings next week). In these Readings, I shed light on what is holding you back, or which pattern is ready to be released. Some wounds, soul contracts, or negative karma come from past lifetimes, and may not be readily available to your conscious memories. When you receive a Reading in your Akashic Records, you get to “remember” why you do things a certain way, and why you react a certain way. Maybe in a past life you chose to be a nun and made vows of poverty and chastity which are getting in the way of the life of fun and abundance you’d like to experience now… Or maybe you were rejected from your community because of your witchy skills, so you’re afraid today to share your gifts for fear you get rejected, or hung or burned. Or maybe you experienced famine or the years of the plague, and now you don’t want to take risks and have a tendency to hoard stuff.
With these insights, you can understand how your choices from all your lifetimes are still pulling and pushing your buttons today. Armed with this knowledge, you will find it easier to make new choices today for your life and biz. So if you want help releasing and forgiving the past to create a more harmonious present and future… reach out to me.
This is the link to book a Karma Clearing Reading with me, through the beauty and wisdom of your Akashic Records.
These sessions are done via web, and are recorded so you can re-listen as often as you want. It also comes with a written report, and a 21-day clearing protocol for you to do as “OHM-work”.
I’m even offering you a special 20% discount if you book by July 28, 2017. Use code GOODKARMA at checkout.

Understand your patterns. Release your past. Feel more freedom, joy, confidence and inner peace. Change your life with the wisdom of your soul. Are you ready for this?