Healing Money Blocks

We have welcomed a new year and fresh opportunities.  In numerology, 2017 is a year 10/1; it carries the energy of starting over with more consciousness.  It is a year to build upon what you already know, while releasing what no longer serves your purpose. 

Can you feel this energy?  I need to spend extra time grounding myself, otherwise I feel a bit overwhelmed and I experience spikes of anxiety.  I am so thrilled with the new opportunities I will have this year in co-creating my life experience with the divine!  And yet, I am experiencing resistance because new experiences will create change – and the ego hates change!  I am so grateful I have tools such as Reiki and shamanic journeying to help me keep momentum and rise above the resistance! 

These past two or three weeks since the Winter Solstice feel a bit like a time warp: it feels like it was yesterday, and yet like it happened so long ago…  Do you know that feeling?

I am returning now to my writing and business creations, starting with the editing of the videos Candy and I recorded during the night of the Solstice.  You’ll see us in our pj’s as it is past midnight.  Candy is channeling messages from the Akashic Record Guides, and I follow with a spiritual clearing in the form of a guided meditation.

Here is the first of four videos. The message here is about the importance of clearing our energy around money.

The Guides remind us that money is energy, and it’s important to manage our own energy and belief system. Your beliefs create your reality. Some of the money blocks we are experiencing are ancestral imprints and vows around lack of flow, and the good news is that the time has come to release these.

Here is how I can support you shift your money vibes:

  1. Soul Profile Reading: Knowing who you are at soul-level and becoming familiar with your soul gifts will help you step into your divinity.  Explore how your soul has chosen to experience itself in this incarnation.  This reading will validate your gut feelings around your life purpose and life mission, and will guide you in taking aligned action.
  2. Soul Realignment Reading: Your Akashic Records can shed light on any vows, soul contracts, imprints or beliefs currently affecting you and your ability to be in the flow of life’s abundance.  Clearing these will help you make choices that are more in alignment with your divinity – rather than your fears. 
  3. Money Intuition: These sessions are designed to support you as you change you beliefs around money.  Are your money habits centred in love or fear?  Are they characterized by the energy of investing, or the energy of spending?  What habit, relationship or environmental factor causes blocks or restrictions to the flow of money in your life?  We explore these questions and more.
  4. VIP Day: If you’re a business owner or woman on a mission, consider a full VIP-day, where we will not only look at your Soul Profile and move you to soulful realignment; we will work with the Law of Polarity to reset your money flow and create a strategy for the next 6 to 12 months.

Let’s chat and explore how I can support you increase your financial flow!