Intuition or imagination?

The Brow Chakra, commonly called the “Third Eye” chakra, is often misunderstood.  Many seek to “open” this chakra and develop their psychic senses, expecting to immediately experience a Hollywood-esque parting of the clouds, thunderous voice and visions of angels, swirling lights and dancing fairies.  Others yet are very fearful of an opening of their psychic powers, and this fear is most often associated with beliefs of the “dark side”, an association of psychic events with lunacy or insanity, or lack of trust in insights that can not be explained through logic.

Although this chakra is a gateway to a reality beyond our physical senses, trust me when I say that intuition is much more normal than what we are made to believe.  As my teacher and mentor Sonia Choquette explains, intuition is about being “in-tune” with the world around us: “Sixth Sense is Common Sense.” Useful intuition involves a balance between physical perception, imagination, and divine communication.  Yes, it feels magical.  Yes, it’s common sense.

Physical Perception:  One of the main reasons top CEOs, financial analysts, investors, artists, teachers… etc… excel in their work is that they are acutely aware of the trends and the subtle shifts in their area of expertise.  They read topics related to their expertise, and many other topics where they can draw inspiration.  They listen to hallway and water cooler conversations.  They read the mood of their peeps.  They listen to their gut feelings.  Good marketers even know how the weather, the time of year or even the moon might influence their message… THEN they make a decision on their business direction.

Imagination:  This is the brain’s wonderful ability to receive and interpret subtle messages.  It’s not just about pretending to be a princess or a dragon, fighting off mighty foes to claim your kingdom.  Imagination helps us bring pieces of information together in new ways.  Imagination is also a doorway to communicating with your subconscious self.  It’s also a doorway for manifesting what you really want in life.  Everything that exists was a thought, an idea, a dream before it became reality.  Many have been taught to dismiss their imagination; I suggest you learn to embrace it like a dear friend.

Divine Communication:  “Of course God speaks to me through my imagination, how else would he?”  (Paraphrase from Jeanne D’Arc, when asked if the messages she heard were truly from God or only her imagination.)  The voice of Spirit, the voice of God is subtle, gentle, loving and strong.  You can hear it in the wind, in the songs of Nature, in synchronous conversations.  You can see it in the myriad colours, in the non-verbal of the animal kingdom, in sacred geometry.  You can sense it with your whole being.  When you embrace both rational and creative sides of your brain, you truly open the doorway to a new perception of life; one that is filled with divine harmony.  You become able to read the signs of the divine without doubting yourself and constantly asking if what you are perceiving is the Truth or a trick of the imagination.

So you see, your Third Eye or Brow Chakra is not just about psychic abilities.  It is not to be feared.  It is not to be dismissed as woo-woo.  Tuning into this energy centre through contemplation and meditation helps you make sense of your world.  It helps you gain a sense of direction.  It helps you develop your higher meaning and life purpose.

It’s not just about floating away and being on a cloud – it’s also about truly being fully present to your everyday life.  These are the teachings of your Higher Perception.

If you need help sorting our your perceptions and making friends with your imagination, I’m here for you!  The online and in-person Intuition Development Program is a wonderful starting point to learn information and practice techniques in an environment that is supportive and loving.  If you want individual coaching, then the Spiritual Development Program is for you.  Contact me to receive more information.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.