Is fear holding you back from developing your intuition?

I’ve been talking to many wonderful women recently about intuition.  I’ve given several women (and a few men) their very first Intuitive Reading or Reiki Session.  I love their honesty when they come up to me and say, “It’s my first time, and I’m a bit afraid.”  It takes courage to try something new, and to do something that’s a bit scary.  I’m truly honoured to have shared this moment of their first official intuitive experience.

One of the things I am passionate about is talking with people about this fear they have of intuitive experiences.  I love talking about it because it’s something I’ve had to overcome, and I discovered how sweet, creative, and joyful life can be once you realize that intuition is not scary at all.  Like many, I once imagined that only a turban-wearing, heavy-makeup’d, gypsy- hippie- or witchy-looking person spending hours gazing in crystal balls (or worse, fish entrails) and smelling heavily of patchouli was an “intuitive/psychic”.  I thought that only bubbly, ill-educated, and emotionally manipulative people would assert themselves as being psychic.  And then, of course, there was my Catholic upbringing and the ingrained “fear of the devil”…  Thank goodness I discovered that being intuitive and psychic doesn’t have to be like that!  I find it funny now when people tell me, “You’re psychic?  But you look so grounded and normal!”

Yes, I am normal.  (Whatever that is, lol!)  And tapping into your intuition is normal, too.  It’s absolutely natural, and I believe everyone can do it.  I can teach you how.

The first thing I really want you to know is that you are powerful.  You have free will.  At every moment of every day, you are responsible for creating your life experience through your choices.  You can choose your thoughts, your emotions, and your perceptions.  You can choose how you create your life.  To me, this journey with intuition is first and foremost this journey of personal empowerment, using our subtle senses (aka intuition) to inform our life’s choices.  All of my teachings hinge on this important and profound belief.

What does this mean for you?  It means that, when you learn to read Oracle Cards, or use a pendulum, or use muscle testing…  you ARE NOT transferring your power to the psychic tool!  That’s all they are, the cards, the pendulums, the crystals… they are tools to help you tune into and express your truth.  They are not the psychic, the oracle, the intuitive – YOU ARE.  So, if you’re afraid of tapping into your intuition, it is worthwhile to ask yourself what are you truly afraid of…  what personal truth have you been hiding from yourself and are reluctant to face?  In my students, it often looks like fear of rejection, fear of not conforming to a social/family norm, fear of not being able to handle heightened senses, fear of change, fear of letting go of that self-image that they worked so hard to create all their life in an effort to fit in…  It turns out that what they are really afraid of is not Spirit, or their Intuition…  they are afraid to give themselves permission to be who they truly are: an inspired, powerful, divine co-creator.  Can you breathe into that?

Trust me, when you’re ready to accept the fact that you ARE a bit different than the norm; when you are ready to OWN that, and learn that you can happily live in society with your gifts; when you realize that the persona you built around your need to conform, be accepted or fit it is a mask – not your true self…   Phew!  That’s when inner peace can set in, and intuition can really kick in.

Next time, I’ll teach you how this important lesson translates into asking powerful and insightful intuitive questions.  I’ll tell you why it’s not the pendulum’s fault if you’re getting confused answers, and will give you tips to ensure you are getting the best possible intuitive answers.