Journalling prompts for a spiritual boost

I’ve been hibernating…  Or rather hiding in my Mystic Cave.

Truth is, 2017 was a tough year for me.  I had to learn even more lessons on healthy personal and professional boundaries.  I gave so much of myself.  I pushed a lot to get things done.  I said yes when my gut feeling was no.  I allowed clients to remit late payments… and some have never paid at all.  And I kept being understanding of their situation, of their needs, of their issues.  Trying to be the nice girl, the good girl, making things good for everyone else.  And then I crumbled.  I couldn’t take it or do it any more.

I’ve been walking the in-between world, trying to get my bearings, knowing that things had shifted in a big way beyond my current understanding.  I’ve been meditating more, grounding more, journalling more.  Casting more grounding and protective spells.  Practicing more yoga and self-reiki.  Taking more restorative salt baths.

Letting go — at times with grace, at times kicking and screaming.

Completing karmic loops.  Tying off loose ends.  Finishing my end of agreements.  Healing the “good girl syndrome”.

Going through the shadows to reconnect with Light.  The life’s quest that cannot be ignored.  The path to deeper healing.  The path of wisdom.

Finding my strength and leadership from within.

I’ve been walking this path of deep transformation again and again and again.  And I know this is not the last time either. As long as I breathe in this human body, I will continue on this path of transformation and re-creation.

What does this mean for the future?  For the content I will develop for you?  For the services I will offer?  I’m still not completely sure since things are just now starting to “gel” and I’m finding my footings again.

One thing is for darn sure — I’m an expert at navigating transformation!  However untidy, unpleasant, and jarring as it is…  I know how to navigate the highs and low; how to listen to the signs; how to trust that I am safe even through the illusion of things falling apart.  And I have a feeling that this transformation journey will be a cornerstone of what’s to come.

So — how have you been feeling lately?  Like me and many of my clients, have you been feeling uneasy, anxious, ready for change?  Have you noticed an increase in headaches or stress?  Do you feel that things are falling apart, and can’t continue the way they are?  Or are you filled with joy of new opportunities opening up for you?

Astrologically, we are entering a new era.  Those who feel it the most are likely called to be the leaders of this new movement.  Do you have the tools you need to navigate yourself through your life’s big changes?  Journal your spontaneous responses to these questions:

  • My biggest need right now is…
  • What I no longer need and no longer serves me is…  (emotion, thing, pattern, thought, habit…)
  • What is ready to be created through me is…
  • If fear was not a factor in my decision, I would…
  • My vision of my best, empowered self is…
  • My future best, empowered self has this message for me…

Until next time, I am wrapping you up in Love and Light.

Much Love,