Work with me - how to get started?


Book your initial consultation

It's free, and it will help us feel if we're a right fit to work together.  I want to know about you, your goals, what you've tried before, what works for you, what doesn't work for you, the level of support you need...  I'll need to know how ready you are to take action and follow the spiritual guidance you will receive as we work together.  I'm sure you'll have questions for me, too.  When you book this conversation, there is a small questionnaire I ask you answer honestly - we'll use this as a conversation starter.  Just so you know - I use your date of birth and birthplace to locate your soul in the Akashic Records; I will want to make sure there are no restrictions for our work together at the soul level even before we talk.

Think of this as a first conversation between friends, with no pressure and no sales pitch.  At the end of our conversation, you will receive tips and information you can apply right away toward your goals and healing intention.  We will both have a greater sense if we want to journey together...  or not.  Either way is OK, but we won't know until we talk, right?  Book your first session HERE.  This is an online conversation; if you're in my area and wish to meet in person, let me know!


Review your customized plan

After our initial conversation, I will investigate your Akashic Records and communicate with your team of Spirit Guides.  I will intuitively download a customized plan for you, based on your objectives, your needs, and your soul's learning style.  This will take a few days to put together.  I will email you this information and you'll have a week to review it to see how it sits with you, and if you're ready to put the plan in action.  This plan proposal will also outline your financial investment.


Sign and return your Karma Agreement

This agreement outlines both your responsibilities and mine in our work together.  We will agree to the number of sessions, your payment plan, your level of support, our communication schedule, expectations, and other very 3D worldly legalities.  Clear boundaries help set a safe and healthy tone to our relationship.

Be advised that as soon as you agree to work with me... my Guides will start working with you!  Many clients have experienced shifts, symptoms of energy detox, and enhanced dreams as soon as their soul said, "YES!" to working with me.


Book your first session

Once I received your signed Karma Agreement, I will send you a link for you to book your first session.  Let the magic and transformation begin!

More detailed information...

I'm here to journey with you as mentor and coach, to help you in your transformation.  I will guide you, with the wisdom of your Akashic Records and the loving counsel of your Spirit Guides.  You will learn to make new choices that are empowering, soul-centred, and which reflect your inner divine truth and abundance.

There are no cookie-cutter recipes.  I tune in to your soul's vibration through your Akashic Records, and let your Spirit Guides tell me what is most needed for each session.  I like to start with a Soul Profile Reading in the Akashic Records so I know more about the energy of my client... and then again Spirit might advise for an Oracle or Tarot Reading; a Reiki session; a soul-retrieval healing; a guided meditation; a shamanic journey; chakra balancing; healing past life karma, channelling from Spirit Guides...  I don't pretend to know in advance how I will serve your Spirit.   Every journey is unique, which is why...

With every client, the journey starts with a conversation

Book a chat with me, and let's find out if we are a good match to journey together.

Book a free 30-minute consultation with me.  We'll chat about your dreams, your challenges, and your goals.   I'll want to know how you feel and what is your level of wellness for your body,  your mind, your emotions, your business, and your spiritual practice.  I'll give you some basic information on your Soul Profile, and a few actions you can implement right away to start your journey of transformation.  Then a day or two after our consultation, I will present you with a plan channelled from your Spirit Guides for our work together.  This plan will be unique to you, to your needs, and to your Soul's Blueprint.  You'll have a few days to review this plan and decide if you're ready to start its implementation.

How much will your program cost?  The investment will depend on the plan downloaded just for you.  It will depend on the length of the program, of the amount of mentoring required, on the time required to do my investigations in your Akashic Records, on the level of support you need...  The first thing you must do is book your first consultation, then review the no-obligation plan presented to you.  You'll be able to tweak it a bit, or choose to start at a later date when you have a better handle on your time and financial investments.

Your first step is to reach out.  I am looking forward to chatting with you!



Ready to work with me, and transform your life and business?

I offer many intuitive and holistic coaching services for the woman on a mission, and the heart-centred woman entrepreneur.  Whether you're going through a life change (or getting ready for one); trying to find that "happy place" you misplaced when life got in the way; starting your own business; or wanting to move through a business plateau - I have services for you!  Your Akashic Records hold the keys to your soul's wisdom and can provide you with the freedom of being YOU - simply, truthfully, abundantly.  Energy work helps you release any blocks and restrictions so you can more easily step into your own unique truth, strengths, and divine path.

I don't accept everyone as a client; I want to make sure we're a right fit and that we'll enjoy the journey together.  Let's face it: transformation is not always easy.  It's not always about dreams, unicorns and rainbows.  Sure, magic and miracles happen.  And yet, sustainable change is typically done over a long period of time.  I love working with women who :

  • are ready and willing to invest 1-2 hours of time on themselves every week;
  • understand that investing in their own healing is key to a more harmonious life, relationships, and business;
  • are looking for a good balance of intuition and logic;
  • believe that we are more than a body, that a business is more than numbers, that we are spiritual beings in this physical experience;
  • are clear (or willing to gain clarity) on their intention and purpose;
  • will journey to those "dark places" of their soul's history to find more strength and healing;
  • are willing to experience magic, synchronicity, and deep transformational healing;
  • are ready to utilize their Spirit Guides' wisdom and counsel;
  • believe in Spirit-led co-creation;
  • will commit to doing their "OHM-work" -- spiritual assignments channeled during our sessions.

I don't feel fulfilled with "infotainment"; I don't want to just give you information so you can acquire more knowledge... without ever putting it in practice.  I want to help you transform your life.  Information alone just won't cut it.  Knowledge is not enough.  Too much information can bring paralysis of action while the brain spins a hundred miles an hour - right?  I'm here to help you process the spiritual information made available to you, and help you translate it into ACTION.

Karma is the consequence of your actions, therefore to truly change your life, you must change your actions.  It's sometimes easier said than done, for the ego dislikes change and transformation and loves to set up stumbling blocks!  Working through resistance, and implementing new life and business strategies takes time, compassion, and a coach who can truly see you and your strengths - and keep you aligned with what's best for you at the soul level (not the ego level!).

My life purpose is to mentor women through transformation with the help of higher wisdom.  If you're looking for a quick fix, or if you're simply curious about your Soul Matrix with no intention of applying this knowledge to make your life -- and the world -- a better place...  Then we're not a right fit.   I have so much to teach you...  it can't all be done in one session!


Why are women hiring me as their spiritual teacher and mentor?

Most women who contact me feel a connection, or a calling, deep in their heart.  They are ready to reach out for help and higher guidance; they know that things can't continue as they are in their life.  They are ready for change.  They are ready for an inspired way to take action and reclaim their inner power, their joy, their inner peace.

Here are some of their healing intentions:

  • Transition from the traditional workplace
  • Heal a rocky marriage
  • Find that happy place they used to have when they younger, or before kids, or before the divorce
  • Develop their intuition
  • Release the feeling of being alone
  • Connect deeply with their Spirit Guides
  • Release unwanted weight
  • Help themselves, so they can help their kids
  • Improve their money story

I work with Spirit, and with your spirit guides -- and they work to serve your intention.  It is important that you know the reasons why you want to take this journey into your soul.  Together, we co-create your new reality.


What does a session with me look like?

Sessions can be in-person at my studio, or online via Zoom.  The advantage of online sessions is that they are recorded, so you can listen to the sessions again to awaken deeper insights.  Depending on your  unique programs, sessions will range between 30 to 9o minutes, or can last the whole day (VIP Soul Immersion).  If you come to my studio, be prepared to receive additional healing sessions from my cats Pompon and Coquin, and from my dog Maya.  They love healing energy!

Each session is unique and will unfold perfectly, depending on what your soul needs most at the time of our session.  It could be a Reading in your Akashic Records, an Oracle or Tarot card Reading, a Reiki session...  Any one of my spiritual skills and business practices can be called upon for your highest good.

My holistic coaching and healing services help you align with your soul's purpose, release blocks and patterns that have been keeping you stuck, and support you in a life of joy!  My clients report:

  • Receiving actionable guidance on life and business decisions
  • Finding clarity and understanding around relationships, life events, life purpose, etc.
  • Feeling free from self-sabotage and damaging patterns
  • Enjoying a greater connection with Source and divine energy
  • Greater confidence and joy in co-creating their life and business
  • Finding inner peace and forgiveness
  • Increased abundance and financial flow
  • Receiving a remembrance of their soul purpose
  • Enjoying the long-term energetic support


Topic we can cover include:

  • Your soul purpose, mission, and spiritual gifts -- why did you come to Earth at this time?
  • Your soul lessons for this lifetime
  • Your past life karmic patterns that needs to shift to create more flow in your life
  • Your greatest growth opportunity in this lifetime
  • What you are here to create, master, and shift in life/business to create joyous abundance
  • Karmic boundaries, and how to have better relationships
  • How to heal relationships by releasing old pains and negative karma
  • Money as energy, and how to tap in the flow of abundance
  • Aligned messaging, marketing, packaging, and sales processes
  • General well-being tips
  • How to maintain balance and a healthy chakra system
  • How to develop your intuition in a way that is gentle, grounded, and won't leave you feeling like you're insane


Ready to start?


What my clients are saying...

Jaz possesses a rare gift; one of profound insight and intuition.  She uses her gift to help others break through the barriers that are keeping them from stepping into their true potential. I am one such person.

Recently I hired Jaz for an Akashic Record Reading and was astounded by what she uncovered about my past lives. She spoke of past contracts and vows that I had made that were not serving me in this life. While the concept of Akashic Records can be hard to grasp for those of us not as enlightened as Jaz, what she told me felt true because everything she spoke of related to my current struggles and emotional blocks.

Jaz provided me with advice, tools and support to help me transcend those barriers. As I implemented her suggestions, I felt a shift in my confidence and mindset. I followed up this work with a Tarot Card reading. Since I had now cleared up some past issues, I was curious to learn what Jaz would reveal about my present life.  Her findings felt completely in tune with where I now was and my new vision for myself in the near future. I felt supported not only by Jaz but by the universe too.

It’s been a few months since I worked with Jaz and the things that once felt like life-long blocks have seemingly melted away.  I have more confidence in both my personal and business life.  Jaz’s work lead me directly to the source of my biggest obstacles and she provided me with guidance and tools to navigate my new course.

If you’re ready to move toward the life you know is waiting for you, I recommend you work with Jaz. Her gentle manner, powerful gift and strong intuition are sure to lead you well on your way.

--Carolin R, Toronto


Where to go from here?

Let's have a chat about your goals, your wellbeing, your journey, and how I can help you.  Book a free conversation HERE.