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My objective and soul mission is to help you remember your beautiful divinity.  I want to mentor you in your own inner journey of making life choices that are aligned with your highest path and steeped in your soul’s wisdom.  To do this, I have developed several processes to support you at various times in your life.

I have grouped my services for the various life situations you might encounter…  take a look below at what matches your needs, then follow the link to see how I can help you.  Remember that with every client, I like to start with a Soul Profile Reading and a deep energy clearing in the Akashic Record.  Read more on the package HERE.


See what is possible…


Experiencing a difficult life situation?

Receive guidance on the energetic root causes of your current life experiences, and strategies to overcome your challenges.  Whether you’re grieving, in a series of bad relationships, or experiencing stress at home and at work, find out which services can help you feel reenergized and hopeful.


Woman entrepreneur or Woman on a mission?

Stop struggling with business issues.  If your mission is to change your life, start your heart-centred biz, or work through a plateau, find out which services can help you feel focused and pointed in the direction of your highest path.


Needing an energy tune-up?

You are familiar with your Soul Profile and have been implementing the strategies to stay aligned with your spiritual gifts and soul mission.  You are committed to your journey and have many tools at your fingertips.  You need a spiritual boost or guidance to check-in with your highest guidance.


Looking for training?

You’d prefer group coaching and training program over personal coaching.  You want to uncover and deepen your spiritual and psychic abilities.  You want to learn about Reiki, Intuition, and the Goddess Pathway.


My publications

Take a look at my articles published in newspapers and magazines.  I also collaborated for a book to be published in February 2017.


Gifts and Goodies

Find links to meditations, videos, reports and other goodies.





Working with me starts with a no-obligation conversation where we get to know each other.  You’ll tell me what is going on in your life, and I will tap into your Akashic Records to give you some insights (not a full reading here!) on how and why these experiences might have shown up in your life at this time.  Then if we feel we’re a good fit to journey together, we will chat about how I can best serve you through my programs and services.  This is a 30-minute conversation in person, on the phone or via web hosting that could change your life.