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My objective and soul mission is to help you remember your beautiful divinity.  I want to mentor you in your own inner journey of making life choices that are aligned with your highest path and steeped in your soul's wisdom.  To do this, I have developed several processes to support you at various times in your life.


See what is possible...

Working with me starts with a no-obligation conversation where we get to know each other.  You'll tell me what is going on in your life, and I will tap into your Akashic Records to give you some insights (not a full reading here!) on how and why these experiences might have shown up in your life at this time.  Then if we feel we're a good fit to journey together, we will chat about how I can best serve you through my programs and services.  This is a 30-minute conversation in person, on the phone or via web hosting that could change your life.