Empowered Women


Woman entrepreneur or Woman on a mission?

If your mission is to change your life, start your heart-centred biz, or work through a plateau, find out which services can help you feel focused and pointed in the direction of your highest path.

As a heart-centred, spiritual woman, you know that your business is more than a way to make money; it’s a way to manifest your Soul Purpose.  You create everyday magic by tapping into your unique talents and abilities in service of others.  You pour your heart and soul into your business, and you believe that Universe/Spirit wants to support you by returning to you the flow of energy in form of money and abundance.

You are also familiar with energy work, and are curious about how chakra imbalances or past-life issues might manifest as blockages to your current success and financial wellbeing.

The services and coaching programs below will help you set up your business with optimal energy, and will help you stay focused on your Highest Path and soul purpose.  Working with me, you will uncover energetic blocks standing in the way of taking the right next action – in your marketing, mission statement, messaging, and business systems.  The energy and clearing work also extends to your relationships, leisure activities, and family environment.  In the world of energy work, the way you do one thing is how you do everything…  so keeping you focused and aligned with your highest good helps ensure your business also thrives.  Your business is an extension of you and your soul’s purpose, after all!

Note that I am not a “business coach” in the sense that I will not teach you the how to‘s and the nuts & bolts of running and marketing your business or big life project.  What I do is look in your Soul Manifesting Blueprint and in your Akashic Records to see areas of misalignment and untapped potential.  I can:

  • save you time in your learning curve;
  • save you money when we spot potential problems and nip them in the energetic bud; and
  • save you headaches from having a brain on overdrive trying to figure it all out on your own.

I’d love to chat with you and get to know you.  Tell me about your dreams, your ambitions, and your challenges.  I’ll give you some insight on areas of alignment… and where there might be misalignments.  There are no obligations, no slap-out-your-credit-card conversations.  If we are a good match to journey together, we will both feel it and will talk about our next step.  It all starts with our first conversation.



  • Knowing exactly what marketing strategies, sales processes and business systems will align to the greatest available financial flow.
  • Uncovering blocks and restrictions that are hindering the flow of money, new clients, or repeat business.
  • Evaluating new projects or services for their soulful alignment and financial potential before they are launched, and moving forward faster and with more confidence.
  • Energetically transmuting difficult business relationships that are creating misalignments to the flow of joy and abundance.

Once you possess the keys to your soul’s wisdom, you have a soulful map making manifesting your creative desires more easy – and magical!  Take a look below at what our journey together could look like.


Business Activation

A powerful ritual that will help connect your “field of dreams” to your “3D Reality”.  Manifesting your goals and objectives will become easier and more aligned with your highest good.  This ceremony, done via web-hosting or in-person, tells Universe, “Here I am, and I’m ready for business!”  I like doing this activation process at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey, and with each new project or service launch to feel nurtured and supported by my spiritual helpers.  Ready to book? 


Blessing of place of business

A blessing ritual done in person or web-hosting that will help protect your place of business against anger spears, negative thought forms, and other misaligned energies.  It infuses your work space with your business intention – be it love, service, abundance, compassion and any other intention and energy you want to attract.  You will feel at ease and empowered in your work, and attracting the right client will feel easier.  I like doing this ritual on a yearly basis for a well established business.  Businesses experiencing a “bumpy road” or who have many employees and clients coming through the doors might need a more regular energetic maintenance.  Ready to book?


Soulful Business Coaching Program

A 6-month journey where we meet twice a month in person or via web-hosting (a total of 12 sessions).  You will gain a deeper understanding of your Soul Profile and Soul Manifesting Blueprint.  You will receive timely energy clearing, healing sessions, and guidance from your team of Spirit Guides.  We will review your business goals and practices to nip misalignments in the energetic bud.  We will work with the Law of Polarity to increase your money flow.  More information…

VIP Soulful Strategy Day

A full day spent together in person or via web-hosting.  We will start by grounding our energies and calling in your team of Spirit Guides as we connect with your Akashic Records.  We will review your Soul Profile and Soul Manifesting Blueprint to ensure the strategies you select for your business or big life project are in alignment with how you’re “wired” to do business.  You will receive energy clearing and guidance from your team of Spirit Guides.  We will review your business goals and practices to nip misalignments in the energetic bud.  We will work with the Law of Polarity to increase your money flow.  This day steeped in your soul’s wisdom will leave you grounded with a solid plan to move your business forward in the following 6-12 months.  More information…


Your journey to a more aligned and soulfully infused business starts with our first call – so let’s chat!