Energy Tune-Ups


You are familiar with your Soul Profile and have been implementing the strategies to stay aligned with your spiritual gifts and soul mission. You are committed to your journey and have many tools at your fingertips. You need a spiritual boost or guidance to check-in with your highest guidance.

Not sure where to start or which service to choose?  Let’s start with a chat!


Chakra Cleansing

Even when you’re following a spiritual path, it’s a good idea to give your chakra system a tune-up at least once every 6 months.  These sessions will help you course-correct and refocus, and ensure you are still progressing on the path of your highest good.

Your chakra system exists not just in our third-dimensional physical body, but also in our fourth-dimensional aspect, in our emotional and mental energy bodies. Imbalances can be found at any of these levels. When not in balance, a chakra can be both under- or over-active. In other words, each chakra can have either too little or too much energy running through it at the various levels of the system. Chakra imbalances are generally caused by lifestyle choices that are not in alignment with one’s highest good.  Your life choices, decisions and experiences – when not aligned with your Divine Soul Matrix – can leave you feeling sluggish, stressed or sad.  You might notice that you sabotage your best ideas and efforts.  You might find it difficult to move in your chosen direction.  You might even feel attached to people, things, events or situations that are not serving your Highest Good.

I will connect with your Spiritual Team and use a shamanic cleansing technique to remove psychic debris stuck in your chakras.  Leave feeling refreshed and ready for life’s next adventure!

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For a more complete healing experience, a package of 4 sessions combining the wisdom of your Akashic Records, shamanic practices and reiki energy will deepen your sense of wellbeing.  Receive spiritual guidance, coaching, and wonderful energy healing.  Book the package here.

Spirit Guide Coaching

In this Reading, we  go into great detail on how your Guide teams are structured, and who exactly is on your Guide team! You will learn a great deal more about how Spirit Guides interact with you and how they serve you in everyday life. Receive detailed messages from your Guides on how to continue your soulful journey, and take actions that are aligned with your highest good.  Available as a single reading, or as part of a 6-month coaching program to help you shift your life and raise your overall vibrations.

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Oracle Card Reading

As a Certified Angel Card Reader (CARC) and certified Soul Coaching® Master Oracle Card Practitioner, I can help you find answers to your questions using oracle and tarot cards. What does your soul want you to know about a relationship? What soul lesson is playing out at work? How can you change a strained relationship to move toward a vibrant, joyful outcome?  Using Oracle Cards to gain insight on the bigger picture and the higher purpose of life’s events can help us make clear decisions that are for the highest good. This insight can help us detach from the highly emotionally-charged event and move to a place of clarity and understanding. Gaining insight can foster more inner peace – and that can lead to feeling more courage and wisdom to move forward in life and our spiritual development.

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“Wheel of the Year” Oracle & Tarot Card Reading

These are very special predictive readings typically done around birthdays, life events, and the New Year. The focus is not on specific outcomes, but it will give you with the key issues, lessons and events that are shaping up for you in the coming year. As always, you are in charge of creating your reality through your choices, thoughts and emotions… but it sure helps to know the markers on our path!  When we have a general idea of where we’re heading, we feel less stressed and less irritated by the changes and the surprises along the way. When we have markers on our path, it’s easier to let go and to trust the journey. It’s also easier to prepare for the sudden forks in the road!

  • So if you’d like to…
  • Get a general roadmap for your journey this year,
  • Shed light on your key challenges and how best to meet them,
    Gain insights on the best decision or strategy, or
  • Get validation that you’re on the right path…

Then a Wheel of the Year session is a great fit for you.

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Space Blessing for home or business

A blessing ritual done in person or web-hosting that will help protect your home or place of business against anger spears, negative thought forms, and other misaligned energies.  It infuses your  space with your most aligned intention – be it love, service, abundance, compassion and any other intention and energy you want to attract.  You will feel at ease and empowered in your work, and attracting the right client will feel easier.  Your relationships will flow with more ease and respect.  I like doing this ritual on a yearly basis for a regular energetic maintenance.  Ready to book?

Monthly Meditation

Every month, I offer an online, channeled-on-the-spot guided meditation.  The theme varies every month based on planetary energies and common challenges I’ve noticed in the lives of my clients.  The best ways to know the date of the next meditation, and how to connect live, is to sign-up to my mailing list or to like my Facebook fan page.  Find me @ JazSpiritualTeacher