Life Situations Healing


Experiencing a difficult life situation?

Receive guidance on the energetic root causes of your current life experiences, and strategies to overcome your challenges.  Whether you’re grieving, in a series of bad relationships, or experiencing stress at home and at work, find out which services can help you feel reenergized and hopeful.


My clients come to me because they are at this place in their life journey where they are ready for change.  They are ready to understand what’s happening in their life from a different, more spiritual perspective.  They are ready to change their karma and take new actions to be in full alignment with their soul’s mission and purpose.  They tell me that:

  • They have to change; they’ve reached a turning point… and need help to make sure they’re going in the right direction
  • They have worked with coaches and therapists… and are now ready to hear a new perspective
  • They want to get “unstuck”
  • They are tired of the “same-old, same-old”
  • They are ready to shift gears and uplift their entire energy system
  • They are ready (even if a bit fearful) to work with their Spirit Guides and their unique spiritual gifts
  • They know that life is more, and will no longer settle for less

If this sounds like you, I’d love to hear from you!  I will help you reconnect with your “Higher Guidance System” – like the GPS of your soul’s life.


When you book a session with me, I will first ask you to fill out a short questionnaire.  This questionnaire has a dual purpose: it helps you reflect on all the things going on in your life and what you’re ready to do about it; and it helps me prepare the right healing session and Reading for you.  It takes me between 1 – 3 hours of personal and spiritual preparation before I meet with you.  During this time, I connect with your Akashic Record guides, with your Higher Self and your team of Spirit Guides.  I prepare your Reading and your written notes and OHM-work.  I clear blocks and restrictions at the spiritual level.

When we meet, I inform you of the energy blocks and restrictions having a negative impact in your life at the time of our Reading.  I share with you the guidance I received from your spiritual teams.  Together, we make a plan of action for you to move forward in your journey in a way that is more joyful and empowered.  You will leave with a deeper understanding of what is going on behind the scenes of your life; a greater sense of inner peace; and clearing “OHM-work”.

Imagine having an Owner’s Manual for your life.  What would it be like if you understood at a deep level how you’re wired, how you’re meant to manifest your heart’s desires, and how to make new choices in alignment with your greatest good?  How would your life change if you cleared old karmic patterns and made space for new, nurturing, and life-affirming choices?  What else would be possible for you if you felt guided by your Spirit Guides and Higher Self?

My magic? I can get you re-connected with your Soul. Your Joy. Your true desires. Your gifts. I can see past your pain, past your ego resistance, past your blocks. I know when you’re out of alignment, and how to get YOU back in your life.

Connecting with your Soul is the fastest, easiest ‘get-the-answers-you-need’ way to move from a place of stress, confusion and fear, to a place of joy, creativity and inner peace! Your Soul is the key to profound shifts in your energy and your ability to love life. To unleash your magic, you need to journey to know YOU – all of you, your beauty, your wisdom AND your pitfalls and shadows. It’s not an either/or situation: in this world of contrasts, you are BOTH light and darkness, and you can’t ignore either of them if you wish to feel complete, fulfilled, and alive!

When you step into that high vibe space and unlock that magic… well, miracles happen.

Are you ready to reclaim your freedom and your magic?


Spiritual Healing Services

Wisdom from your Akashic Records

Life Situation Reading

How can a leaky roof, money stress, a pain in the hips and a difficult boss possibly be related?  They all seem like very different life experiences, and yet when we look into your Akashic Records we might find that they have the same energetic root cause.  Maybe you’ve made a vow or a contract in a past life.  Maybe it’s a chakra imbalance.  Maybe it’s energetic hooks, beliefs or illusions…  The choices you have made and the life situations you have manifested in your life are not as sorted out in neat little boxes as you think they are.  Gain a higher perspective, and clear the old karmic patterns at the root cause of your current life experience.  You will then be able to make new life choices from a place of inner peace, understanding, and empowerment.

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Relationship Reading

Learn how to address your relationships from the perspective of the Akashic Records. You will receive information and guidance on the relationship between you and an other soul; your karmic relationship; as well as the lessons you have chosen to experience with each other. This reading is not necessarily focused on romantic relationships, although that is certainly a valid application. This reading can be done for parents and children, family members, business partners … all the relationships that deeply impact you on your path.

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Reiki & Shamanic Healing

Reiki Session

Reiki sessions are a beautiful way to release stress and find inner peace.  These sessions can be done in person of via the phone / teleconference.

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Soul Retrieval Session

I will connect with your Spiritual Team and use a shamanic technique to help you recover pieces of you that might have fragmented in various incarnations and life situations, when you experienced trauma and highly negative situations.  We will journey together in the spiritual world to revisit these life experiences and find spiritual healing.

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Chakra Cleansing

Isn’t it time to give your chakra system a much-needed tune-up?

Your chakra system exists not just in our third-dimensional physical body, but also in our fourth-dimensional aspect, in our emotional and mental energy bodies. Imbalances can be found at any of these levels. When not in balance, a chakra can be both under- or over-active. In other words, each chakra can have either too little or too much energy running through it at the various levels of the system. Chakra imbalances are generally caused by lifestyle choices that are not in alignment with one’s highest good.  Your life choices, decisions and experiences – when not aligned with your Divine Soul Matrix – can leave you feeling sluggish, stressed or sad.  You might notice that you sabotage your best ideas and efforts.  You might find it difficult to move in your chosen direction.  You might even feel attached to people, things, events or situations that are not serving your Highest Good.
I will connect with your Spiritual Team and use a shamanic cleansing technique to remove psychic debris stuck in your chakras.  Leave feeling refreshed and ready for life’s next adventure!

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Deep Chakra Clearing & Balancing Package

Combining both the wisdom of your Akashic Records and Shamanic Healing

A one-time chakra-clearing session will feel good – but let’s face it; it might not be sufficient to release the energetic blockages you’ve been building up for 20 or 40 years…  I recommend 1 session every other week for a deeper clearing and balancing (4 x 1-hour sessions in 2 months; online or in-person).  In this package, you will receive an Akashic Reading on the health of your chakras, and shamanic / reiki sessions focusing on the balancing of each chakra.  You will also receive guidance and mentoring on actions to take in your life to realign your choices with your highest good, and your best spiritual alignment.

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Spirit Guide Coaching

In this Reading, we  go into great detail on how your Guide teams are structured, and who exactly is on your Guide team! You will learn a great deal more about how Spirit Guides interact with you and how they serve you in everyday life. Receive detailed messages from your Guides on how to shift your life situations to a more aligned and joyful experience.  Available as a single reading, or as part of a 6-month coaching program to help you shift your life and raise your overall vibrations.

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Oracle Card Reading

As a Certified Angel Card Reader (CARC) and certified Soul Coaching® Master Oracle Card Practitioner, I can help you find answers to your questions using oracle and tarot cards. What does your soul want you to know about a relationship? What soul lesson is playing out at work? How can you change a strained relationship to move toward a vibrant, joyful outcome?  Using Oracle Cards to gain insight on the bigger picture and the higher purpose of life’s events can help us make clear decisions that are for the highest good. This insight can help us detach from the highly emotionally-charged event and move to a place of clarity and understanding. Gaining insight can foster more inner peace – and that can lead to feeling more courage and wisdom to move forward in life and our spiritual development.

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Soul Journey Coaching Program

Ready to journey with your Soul? In this six-month transformational Program, you will receive guidance and healing strategies from your Akashic Records and your team of Spiritual Guides. Get to know your Soul, and how you’re meant to experience yourself in this incarnation. Work on releasing old karma, and make space for new choices and experiences in your life!  This Program combines many of the healing modalities and Readings outlined on this page – at a “packaged pricing” where you’ll save almost $1,000!  In addition, you receive ongoing support and mentoring on your journey, and this helps ensure your success and soulful transformation.  More information…

Monthly Meditation

Every month, I offer an online, channeled-on-the-spot guided meditation.  The theme varies every month based on planetary energies and common challenges I’ve noticed in the lives of my clients.  The best ways to know the date of the next meditation, and how to connect live, is to sign-up to my mailing list or to like my Facebook fan page.  Find me @ JazSpiritualTeacher

House Blessing

Every space has energy. Your home is not only a composite of materials assembled for shelter, but also every cubic centimetre of it – whether solid or seemingly empty space – is composed of infinite flows of energy. When you enter a space that makes you immediately feel light and uplifted or walk into a room where the atmosphere leaves you feeling depleted and drained, you are responding to the energy of the environment. Sometimes energy in a home or office can become stagnant and dull. When this is the case, you may feel tired and listless or become agitated and angry.

Release stagnant energy and invoke joy and vitality in living spaces. Ceremonies that brought harmony to human structures generations ago are once again being used to instil peace and balance in today’s homes and businesses. These methods reveal the spiritual possibilities lying dormant in our surroundings, clear negative energy, and call Spirit to assist you in manifesting the joyful, empowered, and fulfilling life you desire – and deserve.

Start by booking a conversation with me HERE.  I’ll assess your needs and coach you on the process we both must do to prepare this blessing ceremony.