Intuition Development

Training Program For Living With Intuition

Currently offered in person at my studio.  Check back early in 2017 for dates and possible online delivery!

If you know there’s more to life than meets the eyes – and you’re ready to tap into your Intuition and Spiritual Gifts…

If you know you have healing gifts – but you don’t know how to bring them out and use them…

If you want to develop your psychic abilities – and you want to do this in a way that is safe, and with the support of a sisterhood…

If you’re seeking guidance & training that supports you every step of the way, and not a weekend fling…

If you’re ready to APPLY all that knowledge you have on the law of attraction, manifestation, spirituality and psychic abilities…



Is this for you? Chat with me and find out!

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you to help you uplift your energy as you learn to make peace with your psychic skills, and learn to use these skills for the highest good! This Program will teach you all the basics – AND I will be guiding you through powerful meditations to ground, clear and empower you to your best self.

In this GODDESS PATHWAYS Program, you are gently introduced to energy work and will develop your skills in channeling and conducting high-level energy. You will experience a strong shift in your awareness of your own intuitive powers. Most of all, you will unlock your ability to heal yourself and gain the ability to feel safe, centered and divinely guided in various situations.

We will have fun exploring the realm of energy as you gain confidence in your ability to feel energy with your physical body. You will learn to connect with Goddess Energy. You will also learn foundational knowledge about the life of a healer, wise-woman, sage, white witch, priestess… We will discuss and experiment with coming out of the spiritual closet, self-care, self-healing, and daily energy routines.

The one thing that is of utmost importance for me is the PRACTICE! So many people love taking class after class to learn new tools… but then come back to “real life” and don’t know how to make time to integrate and apply what they have learned. Their head is full of knowledge, but they still feel they can’t “do it”, “see it” or “sense it”… In this class, I give homework (I call it “OHM-work”) – and I expect to read about your progress, questions, challenges and celebration moments. At the end of this program, I expect you to feel more confident and fluid in your application of energy work in your daily life, because I will have given you a structured way to learn and integrate energy work to transform yourself and your life for the better.

…and to meet my expectations, you need to commit to do your OHM-work. I can not transform you: this is a pathway you must choose for yourself! You are responsible for your application and learning. I will provide you with tools, guidance, support, sisterhood, healing energy. You must be willing to walk the path.


Program Structure

The Program is composed of Levels. In the first few modules, I teach the basics of energy work and the Goddesses’ Pathway- these modules are the foundation for all other modules and you must take them as pre-requisite before being accepted as a student in further modules.

There will typically be 2 x 2 hour classes a month. With each class, you will receive a document with notes and exercises that will help you integrate the knowledge – and most of all practice, practice, practice! It’s only through your commitment and your practice that you will transform. Knowing is not enough! For energy work, meditations, affirmations and visualizations to work… you have to practice with your heart.

You don’t have to take all modules in the same year… follow your heart, your schedule and your own pace. However, the modules build on one another, and there is a natural progression as you develop your skills; that’s why a set of modules is pre-requisite to the more complex skills and techniques. You need to master the basics before going to the next level.

Overview of modules


Module 1: The Foundation (Mandatory) (8 hours)

  • What is the Goddess Pathway?
  • Defining and experiencing chakras, meridians, the aura, the energy body…
  • Learning the Daily Energy Routine
  • Practice feeling energy with your body
  • Muscle testing, dowsing rods, pendulums

Register Now: (Date TBD)
Your investment: $200

Module 2: Grounding and protection (4 hours)

  • Definition and benefits of being grounded
  • Learn specific protection rituals
  • Meditations, visualizations, crystals, essential oils to support your journey
    Register Now: (Date TBD)
    Your investment: $100

Module 3: Goddess Blessings and Sacred Rites of Initiation (8 hours)

  • Explore and develop the “clair” senses: clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognition, clairgustation, clairaudience
  • Learn how to work with your main psychic channel and how to develop your secondary channels
  • Explore which crystal, essential oil and flower essence can support you as you open up your psychic senses.
  • Receive special attunements (blessings) to safely and gently open up your psychic senses.
  • Are you wondering what if you are psychic at all, or what is your main psychic channel? Discover your strengths with this Psychic Awareness Quiz!
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    Your investment: $200

Module 4: Creating Altars and Sacred Spaces (4 hours)

  • Learn how creating an altar can focus your energy and intentions, while fostering the feeling of sacred space
  • Practice using your energy channels to create and ground the energy in your altar
  • Learn how to ceremoniously create, maintain and disassemble your altar
    Register Now: (April 2017)
    Your investment: $100

**Modules 1 to 4 are pre-requisites before continuing to the following modules**


Module 5: Animal Spirit Communication (4 hours)

  • Learn the importance of this sacred communication
  • Connecting with the animal kingdom and animal totems
  • Connecting with deities, angels and fairies working with the animal kingdom
  • Sending healing to our pet companions and to wild animals
    Your investment: $100

Module 6: Sacred Elements (8 hours)

  • Work on truly feeling and integrating the sacred elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in your energy work
  • Learn how to call upon the sacred elements for various blessings and clearings
  • Learn how crystals, holy water, essential oils and incense can deepen your experience
  • Strengthen your connection with the Elements by creating a special altar
    Your investment: $200

Module 7: Sacred Directions (4 hours)

  • Work on truly feeling and integrating the sacred directions of North, East, South and West in your energy work
  • Learn how to call upon the sacred directions for various blessings and clearings
  • Work with the medicine wheel
  • Strengthen your connection with the directions by creating a special altar
  • Your investment: $100

Module 8: Ethics (4 hours)

  • Working with energy is sacred work. It is not about proving ourselves to anyone. It is not about doing party tricks. It is not about doing a ceremony and then not following up with our intentions, emotions, and actions. Working with energy requires dedication and integrity.
  • As you advance in your energy practice, you will apply your skills to bless others with your gifts. You will encounter several situations that may challenge your ideals, your knowledge and your integrity.
  • In this class, we will define the concept of ethical energy work and we will work through a few situations – not to find the “right” or the “wrong” way to respond to a situation, but to bring light to various factors that come into play as we make ethical decisions for the highest good.
  • Your investment: $100

**Modules 5 to 8 are pre-requisites before continuing to the following modules. You need to demonstrate a solid understanding of all modules, and a willingness to work with integrity and ethics before applying your psychic skills for the benefit of other people.**



Module 9: Calling In The Goddess & Goddess Symbols (8 hours)

  • Learn powerful mudras and symbols to call in and anchor Goddess Energy for healing purposes
  • Learn how to use specific Goddess Symbols to activate your altars and intentions, clear space, and clear someone’s energy field
  • Experience the importance and relevance of BEING the channel and the energy
  • Your investment: $200

Module 10: Chakra Balancing (8 hours)

  • Use all your knowledge and experience working with the Elements, the Animals and your clair senses to intuitively read someone’s chakras
  • Deepen your knowledge and experience of the chakras and key attributes
  • Learn a simple technique to clear and balance chakras
  • Your investment: $200

Module 11: Intuitive Reading (8 hours)

  • Use all your knowledge and experience working with the Elements, the Animals and your clair senses to provide intuitive readings and to give specific blessings
  • Deepen your knowledge and experience of the aura
  • Learn telemetry, and other techniques to connect with other people, departed loved ones, homes and objects
  • Your investment: $200

Module 12: Space Clearing and House Blessing (6 hours +)

  • Space clearing for Lightworkers is a blessed process whereby you will apply your intimate knowledge and expertise of working with energy to bring blessings upon your own home, and the home of friends, family… and clients.
  • You will learn client interview techniques; how to prepare for a blessing; what to do before, during and after a blessing; and how to conclude your ceremony, release the energy and follow-up with the client.
  • This is akin to a “culminating project” where you will apply all you’ve learned on your journey through a guided case study. We will prepare for, and conduct, a House Blessing together.
  • Your investment: $200



Module 13: Business Considerations

  • For those who have completed all modules and wish to create a business sharing their spiritual and intuitive gifts.
  • I will share with you things to ponder and concrete action steps as you start your own business
  • I will share with you what has worked and not worked for me as I started my business
  • You will have an understanding of how to create and launch your business, and how to position yourself in the market.
  • You will practice using your intuitive skills to reach out to your ideal clients.

Module 14: Teaching THE GODDESS PATHWAY

  • If you feel called to share your spiritual gifts through teaching, then this module is for you! We will discuss adult learning principles. You will learn presentation techniques. You will practice developing and teaching a module, and you will receive feedback on your presentation and facilitation skills.


Here’s what graduates have to say about the Program:

“I recommend this Program because it will help you look within at what you may or may not know about yourself. Jaz is an amazing person, coach and facilitator. She is very knowledgable and understands what each person in the class needs to help them grow. I highly recommend her courses to anyone searching for more in life.” — Pat K.

“I loved this Program, and I am a better person because of it. Jaz works with you over time to ensure you understand the concepts and you work hands on. With practice, you gain confidence in this field and in your life.” Shirley G.

“This Program helped with inner peace. It showed me how to bring out my gifts. It helped me make life changes, and I learned a lot.” Shirley H.


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